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Pregnancy Test Kits

Updated on February 7, 2012

Pregnancy Test

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Are you Pregnant? Do you think that you might be Pregnant?

It can be a worrying time for any young lady, some hoping that their dream has come true and for others pregnancy is their worst nightmare.

Missed period, tender breasts, morning sickness, tiredness, headaches and mood swings are all signs that could be telling your body that indeed there is a baby in there and the first thing you need to do is to get a home pregnancy test for confirmation one way or the other.

Click here for more information on early pregnancy Symptoms

Positive or Negative?

How Home Pregnancy Testers Work

Although there are many different Home Pregnancy testers, most of them work in the same way.

All tests check for the presence of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) hormone in your body.

This hormone is produced by the growing embryo about a week after conception.

The presence or absence of this hormone in your body determines a positive or a negative result.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tester

Digital Pregnancy Test


The leading brand in Pregnancy testing kits is easy to use and there is no doubt about the result, the display is digital and it will display the word "Pregnant" if the test is positive and "Not Pregnant" if the result is negative.

How to Use Clearblue

You can use clearblue in 2 ways:

1) You can hold the tip of the absorbent strip downwards as you pee for 5 seconds, taking care not to get any other part of the testing kit wet, then replace the cap.

2) You can pee into a clean dry container, then put the absorbent tip into the container pointing downwards for 20 seconds, and then replace the cap.

Lay the tester on a flat surface once the urine sample has been taken

Once you have taken the test, the hourglass on the digital display will start flashing to let you know that the test is working, it takes around three minutes for the result although it can be as quick as one minute.

When the hourglass stops flashing the result will be displayed "Pregnant" "Not Pregnant".

The result will remain on the digital display for up to twenty-four hours.

The results of Clearblue are 99% accurate.

Possible Errors

Sometimes there can be an error during the test that can affect the result,

A picture of an open book is common on the Clearblue digital readout, and it is caused by not laying the test kit on a flat surface or when testing the absorbent tip wasn't facing downwards. It could also mean that too much or too little urine was used for the test.

Blank screen

If the display screen remains blank after testing the tester is faulty, either a flat battery or it could be a manufacturing fault. Contact the number provided with the kit.

Clearblue comes in a pack of 2 and usualy costs around $20.00-$30.00

P-teq USB Pregnancy Tester

High Tech Pregnancy Tester

P-teq USB Pregnancy Tester

If a digital display isn't enough to convince you that you are pregnant or not, then there is a new hitech device on sale that you can plug into your computer via a USB socket, it looks like a memory stick but add an absorbent pad to it and it becomes a kit to test for pregnancy.

With the Usb pregnancy tester you get 20 testing pads that means the kit can be used over and over again which if you are trying for a baby can prove to be economical in the long run.

You basically follow the same procedures as you would with a standard kit except the stick goes into a USB port after it becomes contact with your urine. The USB connection starts the electrospray ionization process on the device, creating a spectrograph of your urine. The mass spectrometry software then will give you an analysis of your hormone level,. There's a 99% accuracy in detecting hCG.

This device sells on at $17.99

Dollar Store Pregnancy Tester

Dollar Store Pregnancy Testers

Dollar stores are everywhere in the US or in the UK Pound shops, and recently they have started selling Pregnancy testing kits, these kits usualy come in a pack of three.

you use them the same way as clear blue, either whilst you pee, or dipped in a clean dry container for 20 seconds and then wait for the result, one blue line on the kit means that the test is working and if there is still one line after 30 minutes you are not pregnant, however if there are two lines present on the kit no matter how faint the second line chances are that you are with child, because you get three in a pack you can always double check or even triple check your results.

At one dollar a pack these kits are just as reliable as the more expensive options at 99%.

Consult your Doctor

Whether your home testing kit gives a positive or even a negative result, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor, if the test is positive you can get the ball rolling for preparing for baby.

If the test is negative you should also consult your doctor especially if you are displaying symptoms of pregnancy, it could be that there is something health related other than pregnancy.


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    • balancingscooter profile image

      Klaudia Broniek 2 years ago from Poland

      Great hub, thanks. It is a shame, that I didn't know about this kind of test when I was pregnant :) I have spent a lot of money for the "old" type test, and they weren't so reliable anyway ;)

    • profile image

      jessica 5 years ago

      hi ya happy christmas every one im so happy i got the high tops i asked for

    • profile image

      jessicahancock 5 years ago

      hi every one how is every body i had my to first two periods i ahvent had my third one why not

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 6 years ago from Scotland

      Hi Jessica, the only way you could be pregnant is if you have had sexual intercourse, your period should only last for 5-7 days every month. This was your first period and it should be at least 3-4 weeks before your next one but don't worry too much if it is a little longer than that it is natural to have infrequent times between periods when they begin.

    • profile image

      jessicahancock 6 years ago

      hi ya every one i had my peroid a couple of wees ago and my mum byed me ladys pads size12 andi have been usig them and tehe blood has stop ever since and im only 13 teenager im only skinny and im not even fat how can i be pregnant can eney one help meon this page right now and i meen right now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • profile image

      Lady Law 6 years ago

      This was tremendously helpful!!! I'm not pregnant but the info helped me confirm that. Now I can breathe easy and relax. And we'll wait a little longer for the baby. : ) the USB pregnancy test is interesting and odd though : /

    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 7 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Very interesting hub. I had never heard of a USB pregnancy test. Technology is definitely the way to go.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      Interesting and informative hub.

    • profile image

      April Fool's 7 years ago

      The USB tester is indeed a joke. Think Geek does some fabulous April Fool's newsletters each year and this one came out a couple of years ago. If you search at for pregnancy test, you will find it, but as soon as you try to add it to your cart, you'll get the April Fool's message.

    • gidtset profile image

      gidtset 7 years ago

      Is this a joke? A USB prgnancy tester!

    • anime_nanet profile image

      anime_nanet 9 years ago from Portugal

      they invent everything nowadays! USB pregnancy test! OMG!

    • ehue profile image

      ehue 9 years ago from Sydney

      This is great. I love the USB pregnancy tester!

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

      Nice hub, Jimmy. There´s no way I could be pregnant LOL but I love the USB Pregnancy Tester. I guess it must have some kind of anti virus to avoid any computer contamination :D