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Home Remedies For a Cold

Updated on February 12, 2015

Cold in My Nose

Need some remedy to get better!
Need some remedy to get better!

Simple Cold Remedies

Whenever we came down with a cold my mother would mix up a combination of honey and lemon juice in equal parts. She would dispense this as any liquid cough medicine in teaspoon form. She would also make a pot of tea with added lemon and honey to it.

My mother would also make chicken noodle soup to help us feel better too. I carried on these simple cold remedies to my family.

Did the home remedies help? I know I felt better, even if it had a placebo or comfort effect.

Studies have shown that there is truth to these home remedies. My mother never used garlic, but with the combination of honey lemon and garlic in a homemade couch syrup have better beneficial effects to getting well.

There is no cure for the common cold, which is a virus of the upper respiratory system, caused primarily by rhinoviruses and corona viruses. Common symptoms include a sore throat, runny nose, and fever. The symptoms usually resolve spontaneously in 7 to 10 days, with some symptoms possibly lasting for up to three weeks. Medication and home remedies have reduced the systems and have shortened the duration of the cold.

Homemade Cough Syrup

Honey is a natural ingredient in this syrup.
Honey is a natural ingredient in this syrup.

Lemon, Honey and Garlic Cough Syrup

Though my mother never used the garlic, it is a beneficial addition.


1/2 lemon

honey to equal the amount of lemon juice

1 garlic clove


1. Squeeze out the juice from the lemon which had been cut in half into a bowl. The best and easiest way to do this is with a citrus juicer. Scrape off the pulp from the lemon.

2. Grate the garlic with a fine grater. Mix this in with the juice.

3. Add the honey, equal to the amount of lemon juice. Mix well.

Note: This recipe can be double both adding twice the ingredients.

Place this mixture in a glass jar. If allowed to sit at room temperature, the garlic has more potency. For children, refrigeration will lessen the potency of the garlic but will taste better and make it easier to swallow.

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C which increases body resistance, decreases toxicity and reduces the duration of the illness. Both lemon juice and honey cuts down on phlegm. Garlic contains antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. The oil contained in this vegetable helps to open up the respiratory passages

How to Make Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Soup Fact

A study conducted by scientist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha had found that some of the components of chicken soup inhibit neuotrophil migration. This may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the cold virus.

Read Early Days of Chicken Soup to Present and print out the Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup recipe, which is easy to make right from your crockpot/slow cooker. This can even be made from a stock pot on your stove. Find the unique ingredient that gives it that extra zest.

Tea for a Cold

Nothing better than tea with lemon, honey and ginger.
Nothing better than tea with lemon, honey and ginger.

Lemon, Honey and Ginger Tea


2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp honey

2 tsp grated ginger


  1. Grate the ginger.
  2. Boil water, put the grated ginger in a small sieve and place on top of a cup.
  3. Pour boiling water over the ginger.
  4. Squeeze in the lemon juice and lastly add the honey.
  5. Stir and drink while it is hot.

Makes one cup

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Mug

No cows were harmed in making chicken noodle soup. See this another great gift mugs at*
No cows were harmed in making chicken noodle soup. See this another great gift mugs at*

30 Hubs in 30 Days

Im taking part in the March 2010 Helpful Health Hubs Contest of 30 Hubs in 30 Days. Visit my other Hubs and help with the celebration of Health & Wellness Month
Im taking part in the March 2010 Helpful Health Hubs Contest of 30 Hubs in 30 Days. Visit my other Hubs and help with the celebration of Health & Wellness Month

What do you do for a cold?

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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 5 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Hendrik, Glad you are better now. Sometimes the home remedies work better.

    • profile image

      Hendrik 5 years ago

      I had double pneumonia but had no access to medical help, my friend cured me with med-lemon,garlic and gigder, 4 times a day, and after a week I was a new person

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Thanks gr82bme.

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 7 years ago from USA

      I too hate taking medicine. I will bookmark for later use. Rated up!

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      I have allergies, so I didn't realize until I woke up that it was a cold. Time to make some recipes.

    • MollyMiigwan profile image

      MollyMiigwan 7 years ago from Naples

      I'm going to take down that recipe for making cough syrup-- I hate taking medicine and I prefer natural solutions. Thank you for opening my eyes up to it!

    • Dr irum profile image

      Dr irum 7 years ago

      pretty good research ,of course natural ingrdients are so beneficial than synthetic .Great work .

    • xzendor profile image

      xzendor 7 years ago from Eastern USA

      Yup These Work They Are Tried And True Scientist Don't Know Exactly Why They Work But They Do. They Are Also Much Safer Than The Chemical Cocktails You Find At Your Local Pharmacy.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      Good ideas. A doctor friend of mine always used to say he had found the elusive cure for the common cold. He called it the "Top Hat Cure". He said the idea is to put a top hat at the end of your bed, then go to bed with a bottle of good scotch. Drink the scotch until you can't see the top hat anymore. When you wake up the cold will be gone! Never tried it myself but it made a good story! LOL

      On a more serious note my late mother made a concoction of honey and onion which did wonders for a friend who had a heart and circulation problem. I'm not exactly sure what went into the potion but certainly the basis was honey and there was a lot of onion it it!

      Thanks for sharing.

      Love and peace


    • Cow Flipper profile image

      Sean Jankowski 7 years ago from Southern Oregon

      Just like Mom always says... good hub sandyspider!

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

      honey, lemon juice and garlic, I learn about this one, Thanks Sandy, Maita

    • adrienne2 profile image

      Adrienne F Manson 7 years ago from Atlanta

      Hi Sandy, I have 4 days to go on the challegne. This is a great hub you have here. You are an excellent writer.

    • Cathi Sutton profile image

      Cathi Sutton 7 years ago

      Great Hub, and great advise! Thanks.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks so much for this. I hate taking medicine.

      Best Wishes.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      I have a cold, and I took your advice and had chicken soup for dinner!

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Tom, I could not do what you did with the garlic.

    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

      My friend told me to chew three garlic hearts once to get rid of my cold. I did. I began blowing garlic around the kitchen like a whale on fire and my wife was laughing. She gave me a glass of milk and the burning eased a little.

      It didn't cure my cold.

      Your remedies look much milder. Going to book mark this. Thanks! :)

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I too am a great believer in home remedies but this hub takes it over and above what I usually do.

      Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

      I hate having a cold and from that point of view I am a bad patient.

    • wrenfrost56 profile image

      wrenfrost56 7 years ago from U.K.

      Some good remedies here sandy, thanks for the tips.

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

      I used to make the chicken soup if i got a cold, you're right! Thank you for sharing this :)

    • lou16 profile image

      lou16 7 years ago

      Honey and lemon is certainly a great combo, I was told by an aunt of my husbands to slice an onion and cover it with honey overnight and then use this honey with lemon for colds. I haven't actually got around to trying it, but it would have some antibacterial and anti viral properties without being as strong in flavor as raw garlic.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 7 years ago

      I second your chicken soup remedy and yes, i'm a strong believer of honey, lemon and ginger combo. Thanks for sharing and I definitely love that you include recipes.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 7 years ago from India

      I need to try that lemon and honey syrup for my cough. Its just going from bad to worse despite the weather improving so much.

    • Coolmon2009 profile image

      Coolmon2009 7 years ago from Texas, USA

      I like your idea, will have to try it next time I need something for my throat.

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

      well researched hub again, nice one, Thanks for the recipe -- Maita

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 7 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      That is a very good idea to add garlic to the honey and lemon. I'll try it the next time my throat feels dry.

    • ThePartyAnimal profile image

      ThePartyAnimal 7 years ago

      Very interesting - my uncle would always say - "ah just take a shot of whiskey and go to bed". Of course as a child I did not do that - as an adult I take the whole bottle - lol