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Best Home Remedies I

Updated on August 27, 2012

Home Remedies

 There's a lot of Home Remedies out there and some seem really bizzar and others seem just not even possible. There's remedies out there that I wouldn't even want to try but these remedies actually do work. I'm going to list some of the remedies that I know about and tried that actually worked even though they will sound gross but hey don't knock it until you've have tried them. These are remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation.


 1.)The best remedies for a cold is warm tea,honey and lemon.

2.) Heat up whole onions in the oven and remove put in a pillow case and lay the pillow case on top of your chest with a towel underneath to avoid yourself from being burnt.

3.) A coffee cup, two tablespoons of honey,one teaspoon of cinnamon,one shot of whiskey,quarter teaspoon of lemon,fill cup with warm water to dissolve ingredients and drink.

4.) For a cold with a fever take leaves from a grapefruit tree boil in a pan of water, when done boiling remove leaves pour into a cup and drink, go to bed and cover up with blankets and you will sweat out the fever and you should wake up feeling better.You can add honey and lemon for flavor.

5.) For nassle congestion take a half of cup of salt put into a pan add water and boil to salts dissolve turn off burner take a towel place over your head and pot and breathe in the steam, it releases your nassel congestion.

Insect Stings And Ant Bites

 1.)The remedy for Bee Stings, Especially scorpion Stings is when you first get stung take a cotton ball and soak it with bleach and place it on the sting it stops the pain and also wiith scorpion stings it stops the spread it neutralizes the sting and reduces the pain, sounds crazy but it works.

           A. With a scorpion sting it's going to feel like fire, your first reaction is going to be you want to apply ice DON'T APPLY ICE!!!!! Ice is the worst thing to put on a scorpion sting, it makes the pain ten times painfull.

2.) For Fire Ant Bites the best remedy is believe it or not and it sounds gross but it's human urine. This also works with jelly fish stings. Human Urine takes the sting away, ask anyone that's been stung by a jelly fish how painfull it is so if your stung and your buddy starts to urinate on your sting and you get mad you will be thanking him later.

3.) The best way to prevent getting stung by a jelly fish while in the Ocean is panty hose, jelly fish tenticles can't penetrate through pany hose.( I've seen this In Austraila, there life guards were wearing panyhose on there entire body and I ask why and they told me this.)

Stomache Aches And Heartburn

 1.)The best remedy I learned for heartburn is you fight acid with acid so the best remedy I've used when I had heartburn is drink a half of glass of pickle juice or a shot glass of vinegar.

2.)Drink a warm can of coke as fast as you can this will cause you to burp and it should relieve the pressure from the gas in your stomache.

3.)For a stomache ache the best thing to do is take coke and make it flat and drink it. In the old day's they use to use coca cola syrup for stomache aches.

4.)For babies that are colicy the best remedy I used was warm camomile tea with Karo light corn Syrup added to it.

5.)Also for babies you can boil bay leaves and put liquid in a bottle and feed that to them but make sure it's luke warm to prevent burns to the babies mouth.

Toothache Pain Or Teething

1.) The best remedy for babies teething is Humphrey's that you can buy at CVS.

2.)Another remedy for teething or toothache pain in babies and adults is liquid clover, dip cotton swab and rub on gums or tooth with pain.

3.) Adults with a broken tooth or toothache can take a aspirin and gently bite down so the aspirin stays in place till it dissolves.


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