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Home Remedies: Wrinkles

Updated on May 1, 2013
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Billy Haynes is a Content Writer & CEO of HD Writing Co. He has an interest in many things, and experience writing about even more.

Home Remedies: Wrinkles

The aging process affects the ability of the skin to keep the young appearance it once had. The reason for this; during the aging process the skin loses the ability to protect itself. When the skin can no longer protect itself it will become thinner, it dries out, and loses its elasticity. And once these factors start to set in, the skin will start accumulating wrinkles, lines, and creases (and what we know as crow’s feet.

Not everyone ages at the same pace. One of the few different things that affect the pace each individual will age is genetics. Genetics is the most important thing to consider when it comes to the skin changing from the aging process. This is because genetics determine how the skin texture is going to be. Other things that play a large role in the skin getting wrinkles, is the amount of sun it gets throughout it life. Cigarette smoking can also lead to the skin having premature aging.

When the skins starts thinning and becoming dried out, and loses its elasticity one can choose to try cosmetics, or get a facelift. There are medications, fillers, injections, and even surgery you can choose from these days. There are many different choices to choose from, but these can prove to be expensive, and usually fail to have any significant improvements.

Ways that can help slow down the aging process:

  • In order to help prevent having premature aging of the skin, and wrinkles later, always protect your skin from the sun. Limit the time you spend in the sun, wear protective clothing, wear a hat, and use good sunscreen.
  • Use sunscreen protective products that have a (SPF) of at least 15. And make sure the product covers both (UVA) and (UVB) ultraviolet rays.
  • Plenty of moisturizer is a must! The sun will dry out skin cells, which create those fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t want to end up with these before the aging process gives them to you, always use plenty of moisturizer.
  • Avoiding harsh soaps and the use of very hot water when taking baths will help in preventing wrinkles.
  • Don’t smoke! If you already smoke, quit! Smoking cigarettes can cause skin cells to prematurely age. It is never too late to improve the outcome of your skin. So even if you have smoked cigarettes for many years, quitting now, can reduce the lines and wrinkles you may have later otherwise.

Thoughts on the over counter wrinkle creams.

Locating over the counter wrinkle creams is not the hard part; it is locating over the counter wrinkle creams which contain the active ingredients or ingredients that will be effective in reducing wrinkles. Whether the product works will depend on the active ingredients or rather the ingredients that the wrinkle cream contains. Alpha hydroxyl acid, coenzyme Q110, copper peptides, and antioxidants may show some improvements in the wrinkles, but, keep in mind that the over the counter products are going to have a lower concentration of the active ingredients than the prescription products. This means that any results you may get from the over the counter products will be limited and more than likely, short lived.

Remember, if you are having issues with your skin which make you unhappy with your appearance, you may want to seek the advice of a dermatologist. A dermatologist will sit down with you and help you and help you to plan a personalized skin care program. The dermatologist may also recommend a prescription skin treatment.

Question for Readers:

  • What wrinkle products have you tried, and what was the result?


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    • Bills Place profile image

      Billy Haynes 4 years ago from Paragould, AR

      Thanks for the comment richamor! There are many things that can cause wrinkles, this article only covers a fraction of them. I will have to look into caffeine and alcohol as causes, but I would not be surprised.

    • richamor profile image

      richamor 4 years ago

      Someone tell me that we should avoid coffee, soft drink carbonated and alcohol, besides of smoke.