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Home Remedies for Insomnia

Updated on December 24, 2010
Home remedies to treat insomnia
Home remedies to treat insomnia

Non-medical Treatment and Behavioral Therapy to Deal with Insomnia

Insomnia can be dealt without any use of drugs. Some if these treatments are relaxation therapy, sleep hygiene and stimulus control. These treatments are also known as cognitive behavioral therapies. Let’s understand it better and discuss each of them.

  • Sleep hygiene is an essential part of the behavioral therapy for the insomnia. There are several methods that can help you to achieve or improve the quality and quantity of sleep, following are the few steps:

·         Sleep as much as you need to feel rested, don’t over sleep.

·         Everyday a 20 minute regular exercise. Do this at least 3 hour before you got to retire, this will prevent the body from being in a stressed out condition.

·         Do not try to sleep unwillingly. If you are not feeling sleepy that you can try some activities that doesn’t include stress but tiring, for example, reading or listening to soft music.

·         Follow your sleep schedules. Do not deviate from the schedule of normal sleep.

·         In the late evening don’t take caffeinated beverages. Avoid drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks; they can raise the heart rate. Also, say no to Alcohol prior to the bedtime.

·         Try to cut down the smoking in the evening. Smoking is prohibited at all in the evening hours, as the cigarettes have nicotine that can increase the heart rate.

·         Do not retire empty stomach. If your last meal is 4 hours ago before the bed time then try to eat small snacks such as, crackers and cheese.

·         Make sure to keep the setting of noise, light and temperatures of the place you are sleeping are comfortable. It is recommended sleeping in a cool room with no noise or light.

·         Forget your worries and leave them for the daytime. You will experience enormous sleep problems if you are very much stressed out due to the worries.

Many of the time patients have to take more than one sleep aid in order to find out, which is the right one to solve the problem. If you really want to avoid drug use then you should give some time to yourself in order to get adjust with such behavioral changes before you turn to medical help. You might need to begin trying one or two methods at a time and the extending to the other methods if you are not getting desired result.

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