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Home Remedy for Psoriasis on Scalp

Updated on August 12, 2010

Do you suffer from Psoriasis on your scalp? If so, please keep reading! I too suffer badly from this embarrasing and unsightly condition and not just on my scalp, but all over my body. Here I will share my story with you and the journey I went on to find a working, consistent home remedy for psoriasis of the scalp.

Like many of you reading this, I struggled for many years trying to find something which worked consistently. Throughout all the different creams, herbs, tablets, light bulbs and various other things, I found being out in the sun made the most difference. Now, I was lucky enough to move to Spain in 2001, specifically the area of Spain with the highest amount of sunlight anually, so for that period of my life I had no issues what so ever with most of my body, but my scalp was still an issue.

About 2 years ago I moved to Norway for work related reasons. Now, Norway isn't a land known for it's huge amount of sun and great weather! In the summer things are great, I can sit outside for a couple of hours each evening after work and get my dose, which keeps me relativly psoriasis free. But the summer isn't all that long here, I mean, last year we had snow in MAY! So with 4 or maybe 5 months of the year taken care of if I was lucky, I re-started my quest to find a working, consistent, hopefully inexpensive home remedy.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten just how laborious and demoralising that could be. I trawled pharmacies, chinese medicine shops, dermatologist's offices and of course the internet while also spending a small fortune. In the end I gave up and spent the rest of winter 08/09 with scaly arms and hands. Last summer, again, no problems. With my daily dose of sun my psoriasis soon cleared up again, just leaving me with my scalp to worry about.

Soon enough winter was on it's way once again and I started searching the internet for what felt like the millionth time! During my searches I came across a site, Psoriasis Free For Life. It claimed to be an all conquering wonder cure for my embarrassing appearance which would work on all areas of my body including the troublesome scalp psoriasis I had never been able to find a solution to. I was naturally sceptical, heightened by the fact they wanted me to pay for it. It was less than 30 USD but I was concerned it would just be the same old rubbish I had already read a thousand times on various forums and websites. Regardless, I kept reading, only to find out it came with a 60 day money back guarantee. No change? Get your money back. Change but not happy with it? Get your money back. As soon as I found this out I decided to give it a bash. I really could not face another 8 months of cold, dark days with my arms, hands and scalp covered in unsightly scales.

I paid and recieved the product instantaneously. Full of anticipation and hope, but with a lingering sense of sceptisism I began reading. To my great surprise a whole bunch of what I was seeing was news to me! After spending what is probably thousands of pounds trying to find a solution that worked for me and spending many many hours with dermatologists I was reading information that I had never come across before.

I have to be honest, some of it seemed to sound a little whacky and I wasn't able to see how it would work. But, close to my wits end I figured I had nothing to loose.

I am not going to disclose the methods, resources or information contained within Psoriasis Free For Life as it is unfair for me to do so. The author deserves recognition for what she has put together as it works amazingly well!

I started using her methods in october 2009, it took a couple of weeks before I started to see a real improvement but from then on it got better and better until eventually it was all but gone. It was great to be rid of the flaky scales on my legs and arms, but knowing that the psoriasis on my scalp was clear was the biggest relief! I had struggled to find something that worked on that area for so many years and had very nearly resigned myself to defeat. I continued with the methods all through the winter and the only breakout I had was on an area of my right leg where I hadn't been using the methods, specifically so I could see what a difference it had made.

When you add to the excellent results that her methods cost me no more than about 30 USD per month to implement and I am living in one of the most expensive countries in the world you really can see what an excellent product this is! If you are living in the US or UK I am sure you could follow this program for no more than 15 USD per month. So for less than 30 USD up front, plus 15 USD a month you could have your very own home remedy for psoriasis on the scalp. That is just 180 USD per year!

The last 2 months I have only been using my psoriasis remedy on my scalp as the summer has been beautiful and nature has taken it's course on my arms, legs etc. Winter is just around the corner again though and for the first time I am not completely dreading it!

So, for all you sufferers out there I really cannot recommend this psoriasis home remedy enough. It is simply fantastic. I took a trip to Spain during the winter and was happy to wear just a pair of shorts on the beach for the first time in far too long. Nobody staring at your unsightly back, or blotchy arms is a fantastic feeling after going through that so often in the past. Visits to bars where also no longer peppered with regular trips to the bathroom to make sure no scales where falling out of my hair!

If you would like to know more about home remedies for psoriasis on scalp check out the links below

Whatever you do, I hope you can eventually find a home remedy for your psoriasis just as I have. Good Luck!


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