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How to get rid of cold and cough with natural homemade remedies

Updated on May 8, 2016

Every year, with the onset of winter most of us suffer from cold and cough for some couple of days and even more in some cases. It makes life difficult sometimes, if not treated in good time. It is one of the most common seasonal disease, which may affect the health if advances in higher level. Common cold is also known as nasal inflammation or throat inflammation or simply a cold. Cough may be defined as sudden outbursts of (repetitive in nature) involuntary or voluntary reflexes which helps in clearing of foreign particles, microbes or irritants.

In this article, I am going to explain cold and cough separately. Their treatment is common as cold is accompanied with cough in almost every instance. Some of the best and common home remedies have been time tested and now this knowledge is at your disposal. Friends, we have to admit, that natural remedies are definitely far better than on the counter medicines. Home remedies treats the diseases without disturbing natural process of the body. Thereby, no worries of any side effect.


Cold which is also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis or simply cold. It is a viral disease and highly infectious in nature. The most common virus is rhinovirus in some 200 viruses associated with the cause of common cold. These viruses are seasonal, though their reason of being seasonal in nature is not yet determined. Still, we conclude that it is caused due to cold induced changes in our respiratory system or limited response of our immune system. This does not mean cold is limited to only winter season. It can affect an individual in summer season also, often accompanied with fever or other conventional disease. Cold primarily affects the functions of nose, throat and sinuses. One important aspect of cold is that, cold is accompanied by cough almost at every instance. Cold aims at upper respiratory tract. Some of the common symptoms of cold are running nose, blocked or congested nose, cough, pain in eyes. These symptoms are often accompanied by muscle pain, headache, loss of appetite. Common cold is highly infectious and can be transmitted via aerosols, direct contact with nasal secretions or hand to hand contact with the infected person. It is one of the most common viral infections which has no declared cure. It can only be controlled with medicines and precautions.

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Cough is definitely different from cold in its seasonal character. Cough has no seasonal character and can be seen accompanied with variety of diseases, often due to inability of the individual to cope with the adverse effects of the primary ailment. Repetitive coughing for a long duration indicates the threshold of a lethal disease, which is identified by a general physician most of the time. There are many reasons attributed to cough. This includes excessive smoking, air pollution, asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung tumors, choking or respiratory tract blockage. It can also be caused due to conditions affecting the lung tissues. As we can see, its different causes, so its treatment is also different. Treatment of cough is primarily based upon the identification of its cause. Cough has different classification based upon its duration, timing and its nature. Cough can last from two weeks to eight weeks. Cough lasting for over eight weeks can be chronic. Cough is sometimes restricted at night or day only. It may sometimes productive or non-productive (sputum is released in productive cough). Dry cough can lasts for weeks even after the treatment of the infection or any disease. It can be identified with the flash tickling in lungs or pain in the chest while coughing. Cough has complex nature and needs wide understanding of medical science, which restricts me here go further, or we may get confused in the complexities of medical terms or science of cough. Now, in the next section, you will see the time tested natural, home remedies to treat common cold and cough. Though, there is no conclusive cure of common cold still developed. It can be treated with remedies available at home effectively.

Best home remedies for Common cold and Cough

  • Inhale steam of hot water by covering your head with a towel. It eases the congestion of your nose and provides relief from headache. As the cold withers away, so the cough. Inhale the steam slowly or you will burn your nostrils.
  • Blow your nose to force out the viruses with mucus. It looks awkward sometimes, if you are in a gathering or so, to blow your nose out with mucus. Forcing mucus out is good to force out the viruses which cause you cold with cough. Do it in proper way, press one nostril with a finger and then blow the other.
  • Gargle with hot salt water. This is one of the best to treat cold and cough simultaneously in a single action. It brings definite and temporary relief. Take a pinch of salt in a glass of water, mix it properly and gargle. Do it for 4-5 times a day and see the results.
  • Drink hot liquids during night, before going to bed. This one specially for those times, when you feel difficulty in breathing while sleeping due to congested nose.
  • Menthol eucalyptus or camphor is good to provide relief from the pain of a nose rubbed raw. You can also apply hot packs over your nose and relieve yourself from congested or running nose. It also provides relief from cough.
  • Drink black tea with a few leaves of tulsi. It is one of the best remedy for provide relief from cold, cough and fever simultaneously. It is good in taste as well as good medicinal properties. Drinking tulsi tea is very common in Indian home during winter season. You can add some ginger also to make it little heavy on your cold and cough.
  • Massage the sole of your feet with mild warm mustard oil. Mix two small pieces of garlic in two teaspoonful of mustard oil and massage it on your sole. It gives instant relief from cold and cough. Do not try this, when you suffer from fever.
  • Drink hot milk mixed raw egg after breaking its outer cover. It sounds absurd and equally in bad taste. This one is good to keep you free from cold and cough and provides great strength to your body. It is one of the best ways to keep your inner self warm and immune to cold and cough.
  • Get some leaves of eucalyptus tree and some slice of wood out of its stem. Make a paste of it by adding some water. Heat it and then inhale the steam of the mixture. It will be very helpful in cold.


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