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Homeopathic Analysis of Ginkgo biloba

Updated on January 6, 2018

If you are taking Ginkgo on a regular basis, you will be interested in reading this article. Remember, if you take a medically active substance repeatedly, you will begin to develop symptoms of that remedy; i.e., you will conduct a proving on yourself or in ordinary words, poison yourself with the remedy, even though it is not potentized.

Since it is medically active in the undynamic or unpotentized, crude state, you can implant its symptoms on yourself through repeated dosing of the tincture level of the remedy (this just means the crude, unpotentized form of the remedy and is not a reference to any particular type of herbal preparation).

One of the reasons that I decided to present information on this remedy is that I know it is one of the top ten herbal remedies now being taken in the developed countries to aid in memory retention, mental abilities, prevent Alzheimer's Disease, and many other conditions frequently associated with old age. I do not necessarily agree with these analyses and the following represents my perspective on the remedy.

The symptoms below are some of those that can be produced by taking this remedy.

If Ginkgo is decided upon as a remedy, the safest way to take it, as with any other medically active substance, is to take one dose and then to discontinue and wait to see what the results are. You can always take more later. And you can begin using the lower potencies such as 6x or 6c taken infrequently and gradually increase the potency over months if the remedy is acting curatively. If it isn't helping, then the best thing to do is discontinue taking it. This applies to all remedies. This way you are sure not to be poisoning yourself with the remedy and if it is the correct remedy for you, you will see changes after just the one or two doses. There is no one remedy that is good for everyone and it is harmful to one's health to take supplements willy-nilly just because someone or some advert said you should. This is not what is best for business, but it is best for the sake of safety and your health. As always, consult with your health care practitioners before changing any aspects of your health care regimen.

Ginkgo has the ability to turn around those cases that are headed for senile decay and dementia with the accompanying physical symptoms, however the overall symptom picture must match the individual in order to get a curative effect and not a suppressive one or a proving of the remedy. In such cases the remedy is best given in homeopathic potencies and in very infrequent doses. It is slightly toxic in physical form and this is all the more reason to take it in potentized form. It will more strongly affect the vital force to heal the degenerating state of body and mind in the dynamic form as well.

The essence of this remedy as far as I can tell without more proving data and clinical experience with the remedy is one of a lonely, demented, depressed and withdrawn person with failing kidney energy. Theses symptoms are very frequently met with in elderly people. If a person seems to be headed in the direction of a prematurely aged state or if they are already exhibiting the full symptom image of the remedy, then this remedy will likely help them considerably. However, a person who does not have any of these symptoms and starts taking Ginkgo on a daily basis for a long time will likely begin to develop some of them, since they will begin to prove the remedy and implant its influence on their vital force. Not a desirable thing to do!


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