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Homeopathic Remedy For Anxiety

Updated on February 11, 2015

The Brief Why

The amount drugstores sell every year on tranquilizers and sleeping pills shows the state of our society that loads more and more responsibilities to each and every one of us in this increasingly demanding world.

Having a moments rest to ourselves is virtually impossible in this vicious circle of challenging career, home, errands to run, educating children, household work and mortgage payments just to name a few. In this ever faster modern society we unconsciously look for immediate solutions to help us whine down that eventually will have its consequences in the future.

Homeopathic remedy for anxiety will put you back in track but you can always take the first step helping yourself in fighting anxiety by reducing your consumption of coffee and tea, alcohol, if you´re a smoker; quit it or just have a smoke only after meals. Get your endorphins released by fitting in regular exercise; it’s a good stress antidote.

The following Homeopathic Remedy for Anxiety can assist you relating on the multiple forms of symptoms that anxiety can manifest.

Aconit 5 CH - Feeling palpitations due to anxiety and lingering sensation of fear or imminent death.

Argentum nitricum 7 CH – When anxiety is caused by waiting for an event or something to happen.

Arsenicum album 5 CH – The person feels a lack of confidence with himself and cannot stay still for a moment.

Calcarea carbonica 9 CH – When the unknown future brings fear.

Cocculus 9 CH – When someone feels frustrated due to time going by so fast for not accomplishing all their daily chores.

Gelsemium 9 CH – You feel tremors due to anxiety.

Glonoinum 9 CH – Your thoughts are going through your mind at a very fast pace.

Ignatia 5 CH – Drastic change in humor, feeling nervousness and difficulty in breathing.

Kalium carbonicum 9 CH – When you feel your stomach affected by anxiety.

Medorrhinum 9 CH – Usually a distracted person without any notion of time who prefers to live its life at night.

Phosphorus 4 CH – Anxiety can come out in this person when exposed to swift temperature changes and storms with thunder.

Stapysagria 5 CH – Wishes of vengeance prevail in this persons mind due to repeating bad memories from the past.

Stramonium 9 CH – Having fear of the dark sometimes accompanied together by cold sweats and stuttering.


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