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Homeopathy - An Alternative Treatment For Various Ailments

Updated on June 3, 2023

Did you know that the World Health Organization has named homeopathy the second largest system of medicine in the world?

In an article published in the Long Island Newsday on the drugs approved by the FDA in 2013, one homeopathic drug was one of those approved by the FDA.

The drug is a nasal and throat spray intended to prevent colds and fever. It is a homeopathic infusion of eucalyptus, mint, elderberry, and wintergreen effective in blocking the entry of bacteria and other harmful substances that cause diseases.

Just spray it in places where germs usually enter the body such as the oral cavity and the nostrils.

Notice that the ingredients are all-natural and no chemical was used to produce this nasal spray.

The World Health Organization has recently named Homeopathy the second largest system of medicine in the world.

December 28, 2013

Homeopathy is a practice of alternative medicine which is anchored on the belief that substances found in nature and known to cause diseases that affect healthy people can be used to treat the same diseases that affect sick people.

In applying the homeopathic principles of healing, homeopatic healers consider not only the symptoms of the disease that a patient experiences but also his psychological and physical condition including his previous medical history.

Homeopathy also follows the Law of Susceptibility which states that a person who has a negative mindset will most likely attract negative forces such as certain diseases called miasms.

Medicines used in the practice of homeopathy is made by diluting a known medicinal substance in distilled water or in alcohol accompanied by forcefully hitting an object which is called a succussion.

This method of dilution and succussion is believed to enhance the medicinal substance's efficacy when administered to a patient.

However, medical practitioners believe that these homeopathic medicines lack the ingredients needed to cure a sick person due to the very low medicinal content of these remedies.

Where did homeopatic healers base their diagnosis and treatment of diseases from?

Homeopaths based their treatment on what used to be called Materia Medica, a compilation of information about the medicinal characteristics of substances used in homeopathy which later came to be known in the modern world as pharmacology.

Homeopaths use what are called "drug provings" to determine what medicine will cure a particular disease.

How To Become a Homeopathic Doctor?

How To Become a Homeopathic Doctor?

Repertories is a term that refer to homeopatic books and references where homeopaths find the remedies or cure for an illness based on the symptoms observed in a patient.

Why do a growing number of patients opt for homeopatic treatment?

A growing number of patients resort to homeopatic treatment because it is cheaper and natural. Some people who have previously tried conventional medicine to find a cure for their illnesses were not happy with the outcome in the treament of their diseases and therefore had to find a better alternative.

An article published in the Western Journal of Medicine reported that an interview conducted on homeopatic patients within the San Francisco Bay Area showed that those who wanted to experience the benefits of homeopathy are classified as young, well-educated whites with white collar and good-paying jobs. The reasons they chose homeopathy are:

  • conventional medicines have side effects that could be harmful to the body
  • patients feel that their doctors are not doing their job of educating their patients about proper health care and hygiene, and
  • patients feel that their needs are not met in terms of information on food and nutrition and preventive medicine.

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