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Homeopathy and love

Updated on January 6, 2018

We tend to think of February as Heart Month. On the 14th we celebrate Valentines Day, we celebrate love. This also a big month of fundraising activities for the Heart Foundation. It therefore seems appropriate at this time to focus on remedies that relate to the heart, either the physical heart or the emotional one!

One of the main impediments to a healthy heart is grief: more specifically unexpressed grief. The sources of grief are varied and it's expression or suppression can also take on various forms. For these reasons, we have a variety of remedies that can help restore balance and health to our hearts.

At times, the grief is recent, as in the death of a loved one, the end of a significant relationship, or even when a close friend moves far away. Ignatia is a wonderful remedy for acute grief, particularly if you find yourself alternating between crying and laughing, or find yourself laughing at inappropriate times. Another indication for this remedy is the amelioration by distraction. You would feel better at the thought of going out to a movie (even if alone) or meeting with friends, going to work. People needingIgnatia would feel worse if consoled, and may have a characteristic "lump in the throat" that makes it difficult to swallow.

This is in sharp contrast to another remedy that is useful in times of grief. Pulsatilla is indicated for someone with a mild disposition who cries easily and is better for consolation. Those needing this remedy would prefer to be with others and would want frequent reassurance. They are generally thirstless and feel better in the fresh air.

The above remedies are useful in healing recent grief that is being expressed or still close to the surface, but too often grief is suppressed. We may be busy helping others deal with their own grief or we may get caught up in dealing with the practicalities of funerals, or wills for example. Sometimes the death is one which is not usually acknowledged by society, as in a miscarriage. Other times, there have been so many losses and/or the grief is so overwhelming that we bury it deeply. One of the key remedies for chronic or unexpressed grief is Nat mur. This remedy is made from common table salt, the same stuff that tears are made of, and it is useful to help bring the tears to the surface and allow the grieving process to unfold in a healthy manner. Those in a Nat mur state are usually withdrawn, and appear to have a hard exterior. They build an emotional wall to avoid being hurt and to keep their grief under control. They dislike consolation and will prefer to be alone, turning down invitations.

At times, the emotional shock is such that it leads to a debilitated physical state as well. This is the case for those needing Phos ac. The emotional trauma of disappointed love or grief leads to mental apathy. They are unable to put two thoughts together, their memory deteriorates, they think slowly. People needing Phos ac will not weep, they will appear quite calm on the outside. They are physically exhausted as well. It is as if their grief is eating away all of their physical and mental energy. An interesting indication for this remedy is that those who need Phos ac may lose their hair or they may turn prematurely white as a result of their grief.

And what of a love that strays? Jealousy and envy are emotions that many people feel and one that can quickly turn into internalized guilt. Fortunately, there is one remedy that covers both sides of this coin. Lachesis is useful for those times when we are overwhelmed by these strong emotions. A person needing this remedy may become quite lively and talkative; they may even have a sharp and cutting tongue.

As we have spoken at length about healing the emotional heart, it would be wise to speak as well about a remedy that has an affinity for the physical heart. Crataegus is well known to homeopaths as a remedy that helps sustain the heart in optimum health. As always, you must use your best judgement in deciding whether to consult a professional homeopath and/or a medical doctor to discuss heart related issues, be they emotional or physical.

May you be particularly inspired as pertains to matters of the heart during the month of February!


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