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Homeopathy for ADHD

Updated on January 6, 2018

Homeopathic cures for ADHD

What does Homeopathy have to do with math? That was the response I got recently when I mentioned the topic of this hub to a friend. Although people are turning to Homeopathy more often now when their children have earaches, coughs or other acute illnesses, they seem to stop short when it comes to behavioral challenges. Yet this is one sphere where Homeopathy has much more to offer than conventional medicine.

What is wrong with ritalin?

It saddens me to hear of so many children now taking Ritalin. This is the drug of choice for those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. This amphetamine is a schedule ll drug - so is cocaine. These are addictive, controlled substances. No doctor would think of suggesting a parent give cocaine to their child, yet they routinely prescribe Ritalin. The list of side-effects for Ritalin is long and serious. Death can result from burst blood vessels in the brain or heart failure.Violence, accidental or intentional, is a leading cause of amphetamine-related deaths, and Ritalin IS an amphetamine.

The conventional medical system is ineffectual in dealing with ADD because they try to treat it as a disease. In reality, ADD is a condition that is the result of several diseases. One of the reasons Homeopathy is so effective is that it recognizes true diseases and has solid principles on which to rely to treat these diseases. Doctors may prescribe drugs to calm children, but there is a price — these drugs create new drug diseases (termed "side-effects" by the medical community). When we look at the rise in the diagnosis of ADD, we must also look at the overall increase in medical interventions in children. They not only have increased in numbers, but they are also administered earlier on in life than was common 40 or 50 years ago.

When a child and their parent consult a Homeopath for ADD or ADHD, one of the biggest improvements we see is when they are given remedies for the trauma of repeated and early vaccinations (DPTP, MMR, Hepatitis B). Other important factors are shocks that were experienced before birth, such as multiple ultrasounds, or significant emotional shocks in the mother, such as a grief or fright. The birth process itself maybe a big factor if it was medicated or particularly stressful. Also, we cannot neglect the impact of inherited pre-dispositions. Although the parents themselves may not have ADD-type behaviour, when we look at family history, we often find the seeds of what eventually manifests as ADD in their children.

As well as addressing shocks and traumas that lead to the present condition, we must also give some weight to diet and lifestyle choices which can enhance the child's proper functioning. These will not cure him or her of disease, but will go a long way in restoring balance and health. In a general way, a diet rich in whole-foods, high in protein and complex carbohydrates while low on sugar and simple carbohydrates is best. Limiting processed ("junk") foods with additives and food colorings is particularly important for hyperactive children. Making sure the child is getting enough sleep (are they able to wake easily in the morning?) and fresh air, and limiting activities that overstimulate them (such as TV, internet or videogames) are as important as giving them enough constructive outlets for that surplus energy (sports and creative activities).

It always makes me smile to hear that one of the main reasons a child will be diagnosed ADD is their inability to focus. When we ask the parent if the child is able to pay attention to something that deeply interests them, challenges them and engages their imagination, the answer is usually an emphatic "Yes!" Many children are simply bored. They may be kinesthetic learners, who must move to integrate knowledge. These children wiggle on their seats, fidget with things on their desk or get up often for water, or to sharpen their pencils. This allows them to bring into their body and minds the information they are receiving from the outer world. To put them on a medication that inhibits this method of integration is to limit their ability to learn.

Say no to drugs! Homeopathic remedies are the non-toxic, gentle and effective way to deal with attention challenges in children.

And that is what Homeopathy has to do with Math. It helps remove the blockages that can cause the excess behavior so that a child can make the most of their education, be it in math or in lifeskills.


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