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Holistic Treatment of Homeopathy or Naturopathy

Updated on May 4, 2013


Those who practice alternative, natural, and holistic medicine have been placed into two broad categories. These practitioners use a variety of techniques while treating the “whole body” including the mind, body and spirit and as such have been coined, “Holistic Practitioners.” Holistic practitioners believe that the body’s Qi (life force) has natural restorative powers.

Two main types of holistic practice include Homeopathy and Naturopathy. Note: One of Naturopathy treatment forms is Homeopathy.

Homeopathy means remedy. Homeopathy is a subtle way of helping the body to work effectively in order to combat illness. Homeopathy is a medical discipline based on the ancient belief that the same substance that caused the illness will cure it. Homeopathic healers believe that a person can be healed when the disease he / she is suffering from is administered in very small doses like a vaccine. They use diluted remedies in their treatment, one medicine at a time at the lowest dosage possible, to create the desired healing response. Homeopathic healers use only natural sources to treat and prevent illness including: Acupuncture Therapy; Aromatherapy; Chelation Therapy; Chiropractic Therapy; Energy, Movement and Exercise Therapy (including Reiki); Hydrotherapy; Massage Therapy; Movement & Exercise Therapy; Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy; and, Spinal Manipulation Therapy. Homeopathy requires licensing and requirements vary from state to state.

AtamA is a Homeopathic tool and resource featuring: an abbreviated version of James Kent's Repertory of the Homeopathic Material Medical (10,000+ rubrics in 36 chapters), an abbreviated version of Boericke's Material Medical (complete text for 100 remedies with cross-reference hyperlinks), and the complete text of Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine (6th edition). You can print an Analysis, search for keywords, and browse rubrics for each remedy. Note link below.

Naturopathy: is a medical discipline based on the implementation of elements from various alternative methods to create a healthy Qi. . Naturopathy treats back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and whiplash from auto accidents, headaches, herniated disks, plus both foot and ankle pain. Treatments include: Acupuncture; Bio-identical hormone treatment; Body Manipulation (Chiropractic Adjustments); Cold Lasers; Cortisone injections; Epidurals; Herbal Remedies; Hydrotherapy; Massage Therapy (spinal manipulation); Movement Therapy (Both Energy –Reiki and Physical Therapy); Photo Therapy, Platelet Injections; Regenerative Ligament Therapy (Prolotherapy); Supplement Use; and, traction of the neck and back;

Choosing either path to the Natural / Holistic Lifestyle means that the practitioner will tend to eat plants (Vegetarian Diets) and antioxidants (vegetables and berries) to provide them with a low carbohydrate diet that insures healthy blood pressure and lots of vitality. They stimulate their “gray matter” by continuing the learning process (cross word puzzles, writing books, teaching others). They spend time resting / relaxing with friends and loved ones, singing or chanting to alleviate daily stress. They exercise at least 30 minutes daily so that when they go to sleep they are able to get the deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep suggested for optimal health and well-being.

Holistic Core Principles of Healing

In dealing with the whole body you must consider that the main thing to do to keep your body in optimal health is to follow the medical guidelines.

Remember, "You are what you eat." A poor diet will eventually cause health concerns.

To live a healthy lifestyle: Take one day at a time, don't forget to spend time at play everyday, Slow down and "Smell the Roses" along your path, be good to those who love you and you love, do not forget to pray and be thankful. When they told my grandpa that he was going to die soon, he remarked, "I am ready. I have lived a good and long life. I have done the best I could for my loved ones, my fellow human beings, and myself. I am at peace."

Talk to your doctor or write down questions that you have you need answered and give them to the nurse to have the doctor answer when he sees you. If you have medicine prescribed as if there are Natural or Alternative medicines you might try first. Always ask how long you need to take the medicine and what the cost will be if you do not.

Eat the right foods, multiple vitamins and mineral supplements that help your body function and digest what you eat. Enzymes that help with digestion include Amylase to digest carrots, proteolysis for protein, Lipase for fat, Lactose for lactose, and Beta Hydrochloride for stomach acid.

Learn how to take care of your body and prepare a proper first aid kit in your home to be ready for any emergency. Make sure you have a first aid kit and try to have on hand some natural / alternative healing remedies. Check with your herbologist, holistic physician and remember to review the precautions with your regular doctors to avoid contraindicated medicines.Consider all medicine types including herbal. Note the Herbal medicine of the Chinese listed below.

The Chinese Medicine Cabinets would include:

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan – headache, nasal congestion

Ma Huang Tang – Opens bronchial passages

Yin Qiao San – Fights the common cold

Bi Yan Pian – runny nose

Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao – cough medicine

Chaun Xin Lian – sore throat, viral & bacterial infections.

Lastly, remember to be at peace and learn to relax and enjoy your time. Your mind, your food intake, and exercising your muscles plus your mental state go hand in hand to support good health.

Homeopathy: Chelation Therapy

Naturopathy: Color and Sound Therapy


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