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Hoodia: A True Miracle Pill to Get Rid of Belly Fat, Or Only Another Marketing Rip-Off?

Updated on March 29, 2010

There's been lots of media hype about Hoodia, but does it really help you lose belly fat?  The billions of dollars spent worldwide (annually) on this "miracle" diet pill certainly seem to indicate its effectiveness.  And there are lots of people who swear by it as THE miracle cure for obesity and weight loss.  But, is it? Does Hoodia really work for keeping those pounds off , and is it really as effective as they claim? 

Promoters of Hoodia have hammered the Internet and radio, and are promising all kinds of unbelievable results.  But, before you invest a ton of money, be sure you look into what you're really getting.  Of course, not all Hoodia products are scams, but there are cautions you need to consider.  There are very limited federal regulations on supplements and it is easy to sell products that don't even have Hoodia included!  This is not to say that Hoodia (if it's actually the real stuff) doesn't work or is useless for weight loss.

Actually, Hoodia has been used by the Bushmen of Southern Africa, as an appetite suppressant, for centuries. In it's natural state, Hoodia might actually work as an appetite suppressant.  If you could actually buy some. But there's the rub.

The quantities of Hoodia that are being sold worldwide in supplement stores and online greatly exceed the amount that is produced!  Hoodia is grown only in a small area of southern Africa, and is a super slow growing plant.  That being said, it leads to one conclusion:  a large portion of what is being sold as "Hoodia" is counterfeit!

The ingredients in the pill do not even need to be Hoodia!  Why?  Because the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 does not require any regulation or testing to assure label claims!  Even if there is real Hoodia extract in the pills, there is no scientific proof (at this point) to indicate or verify that small doses actually causes human weight loss.

But, let's say it did curb your appetite.  That is not always a good thing, because you may just be depriving your body of nutrition it needs.  Proper body function and maintaining lean muscle mass all work together to regulate metabolic rate. 

So, does Hoodia really work?  No one really knows for sure, but with all the uncertainties surrounding it, you might be better off going for that flat stomach and six pack abs using more traditional, and proven, methods

Bottom line?  There are no "miracles in a bottle!"  If you want to be healthy, lose weight, and stay strong for life, you need to work for it.  Healthy, strong bodies are created with real exercise and a nutritious diet.  A nutritious diet is one that's packed full of natural unprocessed  foods that have been proven to help the dieter lose unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy body. There is no substitute, but there are lots of scams and opportunists waiting for you to fill their pockets. Caveat emptor ... buyer beware.


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