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Ho'oponopono Prayers

Updated on December 30, 2008

The Light Is Always On

Ho'oponopono Prayers Explained

Although I am going to outline prayers for specific cleansings, we do not cleanse to get something.  Our intentions are irrelevant and actually counterproductive.

The experience that prompts our cleansing may have absolutely nothing at all to do with what memory gets cleansed.  Listen to Dr. Hew Len or Mabel Katz speak and you will hear story upon story of situations prompting a person to cleanse only to have some seemingly unrelated problem disappear.

  • A severe pain reminds a person to cleanse and that person's client is protected during an IRS audit
  • A key is locked in a car prompting intense cleansing and a father is healed
  • Intense neck pain and headache promotes intense cleansing and a brother's addiction is released

Self Identity through Ho'oponopono is not a list to Santa Clause.  I like to think of it as though I am sitting on the couch with my Father God and there are blankets and pillows and teddy bears between us.

I love the blankets and pillows and teddy bears, and ask each of them to allow me to get closer to my Father.  As they agree to move off the couch my view of my Father gets clearer and I can see who I am when I look in His eyes.

My only desire is to get close to my Father.   

Ho'oponopno Prayer For Weight Loss

Always do your cleansing before, during and after you eat.  Talking to your body regularly, telling your body you love it just the way it is will keep you at peace with your body.

Show appreciation for everything your body does for you.  Your ability to stand, walk, play, touch your child, your lover, experience joy, to see a sunset...all your body allows you to experience.

Give thanks to your body for taking care of you without you having to think about breathing, healing a cut, circulating blood and nutrition.  What a glorious and wonderful experience it is to be you.

When you accept and appreciate your body, your body will also be at peace and will know exactly what it needs for optimum health and wellness.

Allow your body to direct you to the right and perfect foods and to the fitness and activity that is perfect for it.

Thank the food that you eat, the water you drink, the air you breath. The act of showing love and gratitude for your body and your experience as your body will allow your body to be what is absolutely perfect for you.

Give up the need to control what you weigh and how you look.  You don't control any of it anyway. 

Give up the need to blame yourself, your genetics, your food, your upbringing for anything related to your weight or health.  It is what it is and should be appreciated and loved for showing up to allow you to cleanse.

  • Thank you for showing up and giving me this wonderful opportunity to make amends.   
  • I love you

Do not resist what is.  Allow what is. 

Isn't it silly to do anything but allow?  It is as if we were standing in front of a freight train trying to hold it back.  Let what is be.  It is going to be whether or not we resist it.

The act of allowing is in fact the only way to let go.   

Ho'oponopono For Prosperity

  • Be flexible
  • Be grateful
  • Be loving

More abundance than you can imagine can show up for you when you release your attachment to outcomes.

Divinity has the perfect plan for you if you will only allow it to unfold.

Any experience of lack or poverty is a wonderful gift you have been given. Open up the gift and graciously thank it for its existence. Who would receive a gift and not show appreciation for it?

Recognizing the gift as an opportunity to release memories replaying is a beautiful way to live and the only way to allow prosperity to flow into your life.

Your prosperity is not a function of the balance in your bank account. Prosperity is a way of life. A way of living in gratitude and love.

The money is a result or symptom of prosperous living or lack living and that there are memories to be cleaned.  Prosperous living is about the Self Identity through Ho'oponopono way.

It is by taking responsibility, loving, asking for forgiveness and letting go that we live in alignment with prosperity. 

The way you let go is by talking to the memory...say to it, memory, whatever memory is causing (insert your problem) poverty to show up, I love you.  Thank you for giving me a chance to let go and let God.

Remember, Divinity is the only one who can erase.  It is our job to recognize the memory, love it and let it go, 

Ho'oponopono for Whatever Shows Up

No matter what you are experiencing whether it be lonliness, weight problems, lack or illness it is only showing up for you to cleanse. I do not know why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, except that you have memories replaying.

The more prevalent the problem in society, the more cleansing needs to be done. All you can do is take responsibility for your part and cleanse on it. The more people taking responsibility for their part the better for all of us.


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    • profile image

      Della 6 years ago

      Fran, when using this do I keep the situation/person in my awareness or name it/them?

    • profile image

      schealer 6 years ago

      Glen, thank you for the response, it took a few minutes to understand what you said - it is clear now. Thank You very much

    • profile image

      Glen 7 years ago

      @schealer - MY understanding about cleaning regarding making a decision is to clean on any emotions that come up when you think about the decision. Then when you have cleaned the emotions the decision will become clear.

    • profile image

      schealer 7 years ago

      If you are having a difficult time making a decision - how can you specifically clean on it? My understanding of cleaning is to repeat the 4 phrases (I love you, pls forgive me, Thank you and I am sorry). if you just constantly just keep it running in your mental chatter - does it have the same effect - or does it need to be directed at a specific emotion.


    • Vibhavari profile image

      Vibhavari 7 years ago from India

      Thanks for this hub.

    • profile image

      helene chailloux 7 years ago

      Why do you have an advert for scientology on your Webpage ?

      Kind regards,


    • profile image

      Antonio 7 years ago

      You have a sweet talk with words, your beauty match the peace of your message. Thank you, I love you.

    • profile image

      Gabi 8 years ago

      Thank-you so much for this information. I am changing my thinking and speaking thanks to Hooponopono. Not long ago I would not have loved the "Negative" issues in my life. Thank-you. I wish you many blessings for what you do. Thank-you.

    • profile image

      chantal 8 years ago

      Hey Fran,

      you are reciting a prosperity prayer on youtube, I can't fing it, would you be kind enough to send it to me?