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HospiceLand - Final Months - 3 Poems

Updated on August 28, 2010

Just The Opposite

And I don't know how it is
that things have come to this
we've done nothing to deserve it
just the opposite.
And the world can be so unfair
you have to wonder, if God cares
we've done nothing to deserve this
just the opposite.
How fragile the walls that support us.
How the people we love can report us.
How quickly stories can distort us.
How our country threatens to deport us.
And I don't know how it is
that things have come to this
we've done nothing to deserve it
just the opposite.

Don't Dare Shout

you don't dare shout
don't let it out
never makes it any better
only clouds the distorted picture
only makes it worse
don't dare cry
left hanging exposed in weakness
doesn't matter what is true
you'll need to pick up those pieces
you have to play the hand dealt to you
you don't dare shout
don't let it out
even if they say you should
they're just fucking liars
let it out is never good
don't dare cry
and show your weakness
the saddest joke is they depend on you
better to hold up the image
with only you
knowing what is true
just play out the hand dealt to you


What A Person Does (Waiting For You)

what a person does
he looks out the window
only just because
there's not much better
what a person does
check the weather
only just because
she's so far away
what a person does
too quiet for answers
only just because
it keeps you sane
just a few more days
seems like a lifetime
counting down the hours
until I see you again
what a person does
alone without you
feeling every mile
that separates us
waiting for the time
the final hour
it is what a person does
what your person does


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    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 8 years ago from Midwest

      What A Person Does is written to my wife.

    • profile image

      bballbeadle 8 years ago

      "Just the Opposite" very moving. But I didn't understand the line "Our country threatens to deport us." It didn't seem to follow the thread, but perhaps that was just me.

      "Don't Dare Shout" speaks to how difficult it is to be the "strong one" when you just want to lean on someone and let it all pour out. But you can't. It sucks.

      "What a Person Does" - about longing for reunion. "The Mother and Child Reunion?" Or perhaps another loved one. A poem about yearning, and maybe also about dread (?). I'm not sure.

      Poignant poetry.