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New York Doctors 111 year old Hospital

Updated on September 12, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Health Care.

The Jewel of south Indian Hospitals in medical history and as old as 111 years to build is no ordinary effort by a medical team who have obtained trust and honor with patients who have came out from this hospital in great admiration and respect.

The history of Christean Medical Missionaries hospital,in is indeed an inspiration to the medical profession in India and the developed world. This is not a private hospital but is run by Missionaries where the money earned is not spent by opening branches under its branded name in other places in city's with a view to get in to business from abroad to earn more money with out a vision to serve the rural people in Vellore,Tamil Nadu,India or to equip its own facility with state of the art equipment or to train its doctors by sending them to get much better knowledge during the past 111 years by Dr.Ida.S.Scudder is amazing .

.This missionaries hospital has all the facility's in one place and is managed by experts in medical profession.A visit to this place is worth in ones life at any emergency if they are those privileged to live near or nearby places around Vellore.

The big state of Tamil Nadu is indeed fortunate that this hospital is located in its territory and not far from its capitol which has many advantages for people who come from north In India.

About this Hospital

I went to the hospital to get advise from the doctor and followed his advise so now my wife is much better and has improved her health.This Hospital known simply as Vellore Hospital is known to most of the people in south and northern parts of India for its good job and service since every one is a dedicated christian who has devoted his life to serve mankind unlike many hospitals who are commercial and maintain a template service to patients and public.Most of the hospitals are all highly modernized with state of the art diagnostic service foa testing and treatment in hose to even other services post surgery.However this hospital though has all the best of everything it is not a commercial hospital.It is truly a hospital with all hospitality you need as a average citizen the people who come to this hospital come with trust,faith,hope and I will get well attitude.The patients are mostly upper middle class and poor people.The hospital also runs a medical college and a para medical school for other services required to run this hospital and train men and woman to go to other needy hospital.

Dr..Ida S. Scudder 1899,who started this 111 year old hospital.

The Scudders in India devoted more than 1,100 combined years to the Christian Medical Mission in Vellore,Tamil Nadu,South India by 42 members of 4 generations of their family..This Hospital works mainly for the poor who come from far of places in north India having heard from members of other families who visited this Hospital and got cured at much less cost in private hospitals and no cure experience from govt managed hospital.This is what I heard and what I saw..

The present management looks like it has no experience to handle the a sea of humanity that floods the hospital every day from all over India to get cured of many types of aliments of pain and disease of all sorts and go only after they get cured.The staff of hospital's nurses and Doctors work very hard even with out taking lunch on many days and work with no intention to make money like private Doctors.I need not say a word of the doctors of Govt hospital every one knows about these corrupt people in this corrupt country.

The State and Central Ministers of Chennai & INDIA of health ministry must not sleep over this great organization and try their best to help them make this a super specialty State of the Art Hospital.

After Lunch.

My wife and myself after taking food did not hurry but came slowly and ' Enter The Dragon ' like underground and as we turned left after seeing all the wheel chair patients had doubt if we could see the doctor and our turned to see that this time seeing the same over crowded people sitting and standing with no place to sit even the floor on the ground of this basement floor was unfit for sitting as it was dirty.It was old 30 years type just like our home where we once had the same flooring.

I went to the counter and asked when our turn will come she said your batch is yet to start.It was 1:40 PM and I was feeling sick but had to wait.The air was foul from ducts Ambiance dirty,walls dirty,uncomfortable chairs,names coming from audio speakers unrecognizable, No "Q" ed chairs,sick senior citizens left to mend themselves,most unhygienic toilets ( See Picture Above ),patients sleeping between benches,no drinking water even in emergency,many including the doctors had not taken lunch even at 3:00 PM sitting from 9:00 AM continuously ,few sick patients shouting had to be moved out by security and yet the 11 doctors and their the staff doing their duty with out even a coffee break was indeed the greatness of this hospital with total mismanagement by the hospital administration.

We were called at 2:30 PM and the Rock Cool Doctor had so patiently heard us and was really helpful for all the trouble we took coming from a 108 KM drive..

The Founder of this Hospital Dr. IDA.S. SCUDDER was running this Hospital and she was giving strength to all the Staff and Great Doctors during her life time service to this 111 year old Hospital.

THE Total Quality Management of this hospital is dis-functional and Management Headed by the Director are busy counting money.

To Sum up if the founder comes from her grave here no one will be present at the top the first to go would be the hospital Director.

The 111 year old Hospital.

My mother had visited this hospital 50 years ago to tell us that it was a very good hospital as her visit had given her full satisfaction when her son in law got rid of a chronic aliment in his stomach.I had to see a Orthopedic Doctor and remembering my mother I left all the world class hospital and visited the website which did not give any details of patients feed back so I went there with great hope of seeing the world renown hospital.I booked my appointment on line and left on 19th September,2011 and reached the hospital at 8:45 seeing the mess I thought of taking breakfast and went out to a tamil nadu restaurant just few minutes from this hospital and was thrilled to have the best breakfast of my experience.The Picture is Below.

Healthcare has updated after 100 years.

India 100 years back had no good hospitals.Life expectancy was just 65 to 70 years.I never heard any one living after 75 years.Today people over 75 are still in service and work every where in many industries.The rural folks were always victims of many types of common diseases which get cured by taking few tablets today.The rural roads were not at all in most of the villages.The public transport was never heard or seen in any of the towns also let alone the villages.

State of the Art designed and equipped with most modern diagnostic testing machines with required expertise in handling these machines are also available.These hospitals cater also to many of the patience from our side India.Good old hospitals are still working with out dated and unreliable and inconsistent tests from the samples.In India anything goes.

111 Years of Medical Service.-The Christian Medical College, Vellore, seeks to be a witness to the healing ministry of Christ, through excellence in education.

Dr.Ida S.Scudder's voice ( Please Listen to her Golden Voice )

Which Indian Doctor in India has gone in this Bullock Cart to serve a patient in a Village.

The 111 Years Old Famous Hospital known as Vellore Hospital,Tamil Nadu - India.( It does not look like this now )

State of the Art Hospital.

Sparsh Hospital a Zero Bacteria Infection Hospital.

Dr.Sharan Patil's Bone School in Bangalore.( A New Venture )

What should we do?

Do not Build religious public places but build Hospitals.

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  1. To visit this hospital you need take prior appointment over phone or online you can even get required directions over phone.There is a well maintained canteen and there are Drug Stores very near to hospital.
  2. This is not a hospital for only the rich but for all.This haspital has credit card facility of their own where you can deposit the cash which will be in your account.

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