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How 3 Human Constructs Have Rigidly Defined Our Lives and Must Be Reinvented to Relieve Our Existential Suffering

Updated on April 14, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

Sexuality: Is this truly an issue for us now in modern times or simply ourselves trying to divide the masses

This human construct is one of the most destructive perceptions that categorizes people based on sexual preference which is based on a person's sexual preference and does not mean damnation. I believe that this issue is one of the most misunderstood choices that an individual can make in life. Homosexuality is now being an issue that is being accepted in churches worldwide and with a valid cause. How can any religion preach unconditional love and perceive same-sex relationships as heretical? This perception is purely a human construct and does not align itself with the message God was teaching us and sent messengers to preach to the world. Abortion and homosexuality were not ever mentioned in the scriptures. These are two things which were abominations created with people interpreting the world with a hidden agenda in which the word of God has no place in its enforcement.

As human beings, our sexual preference will never deny us an afterlife and all the blessings bestowed upon those who are righteous. Preachers in the name of God have preached hate in the name of love for several years. All of what they preached is based on religious fantasy. Nothing in scripture dictates who and what people should choose for a partner while obeying the lessons taught in the old and new testaments. There is no such thing as sexuality and the only reason it is something that defines someone is we try to label and compartmentalize everything that exists in the world. We all have the ability and right to choose whomever we want to be with due to human nature being completely subjective and based on a person's individual taste and preference. Churches now are accepting same-sex relationships people as equals to whoever attends church and are hetero based on the fact the bible never discusses sexuality and allowed the discrimination to go on for years. I believe that it is only in a matter of years where our choice of gender for a relationship will be eliminated and looked upon by future generations as a stepping stone towards equality which in the bible states "We are all created equal."

Time: Are we limiting our personal power based on something which is completely theoretical

This human construct is the only definition that we have in common and in the same proportion, 24 hours is a full day for everyone here on earth. The only problem is that it locates you somewhere in space and time. If time has a beginning and an end we still to this day do not know what existed before the beginning. This is the eternal question which will never be solved due to us having died and is only this fate in which with any certainty could be answered without a doubt and not simply be a theory which is another thing that we all rely on to carry us forward into the next day of existence. The bible, states that God is the "alpha and the omega" which in Greek means the beginning and the end. This paradox of living a life based on space and time and at the same time still cannot be proven with any shadow of a double creates a need for a God to be relied on to make any sense of all the theories we rely on to explain what we are all doing here on earth.

When people say that "age is only a number" the statement in itself is giving ground for the proposal that time is only theoretical yet we all live a life trying to get things done on the constraints that time creates. We all age and that is something which we all can agree on without a doubt. However, how do we not know that perhaps a year in human time is not the same as what dogs experience which is believed to be 7 years in human terms? The deeper you get into the crux of the matter the less everything we rely on to make sense of our lifespan becomes more faulty and highly based on speculation. When we age we lose youth and hope for us all start to realize that impermanence is the only reality of existence and that God is truly the alpha and omega. Anything other than God or higher power simply cannot solve our need to know what the meaning of life is which makes everything in our lives subjective including our shared conclusion of time being a human construct that defines our lives from birth to the grave.

Race: Is this concept purely based on fallacies opposed to revealed truth

For myself, I believe this human construct has been the sole reason for much of the suffering here in the world from the beginning of time. All things set aside we must all agree that there is only one race and that is the human race. But somewhere along the line we began to divide ourselves from others and in modern times endure a life in which stereotypes based of race are what most people rely on to get them through the thing we call life. As human beings, we have a need to compartmentalize everything around us to make sense of all things going on around us. This is a mistake and probably the most defining fallacies that everyone has played a part in. I sometimes wonder what the world would be like if we did not have racial profiling of our stereotypes. The world as we all experience it today I feel would be living lives more according to words written in the wisdom traditions in the world. All creations that were hand-chosen to live life due to God hand choosing you from millions of sperm which in the process you and I were the lucky one to have penetrated the egg and become conceived.

The world that was intended for us was one where everyone was created in the image of God. Each of us unto ourselves is a micro-universe within a macro universe possessing the God-like ability to create life at will. When we divide ourselves based on race creates a competition mindset that pits you against others, which are not like you which we all can agree with starts with the agreeance with the proposition of race. For thousands of years, we have been engaged with ongoing battles whose very foundation has been based on racial and cultural differences. We will never experience a joyous free life in which suffering is not the common thread for all us living beings unless we first start to dismantle these human constructs and instead live our lives in accordance with the teachings set forth in the wisdom traditions of the world. Know that we are all sharing the power of choice and everyone blessed with this thing we call life to possess the power to live one presenting our gift to the world unique to only us just like our fingerprints. No two are the same and when it comes to ourselves the evolution revolution will never truly evolve unless we redefine these three constructs and truly perceive ourselves as equal to everyone else regardless of sexuality, time, and race.


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