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How Air Circulation Can Irritate and Improve Asthma and Allergy Conditions

Updated on August 30, 2012

Air Circulation Impacts Quality of Breathing

Air Circulation is an essential component of indoor living. Your home must have air circulation. In Western homes, the air circulation can be complicated. In third world countries, air circulation is very very basic. In America, we work very hard to make our homes energy efficient, to keep heat in or out, and we insulate our homes thoroughly. This means that the air does not flow in an d out of the house like it does in very basic style houses. A system of intake and release is in place in American homes today through what we call the ventilation system. A good ventilation system continuously feeds outdoor air into the home. Some homes do not have this or have very poorly designed air circulation systems. When this happens, the air stagnates, pollution builds up, and people get sick.

How Poor Air Circulation affects Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

When the air circulation is bad in a home, it increases the pollution count in the home. It already contains the pollution present in the outdoor air, but it has additional pollutants from in the house that include dead skin, dust and can include smoke and pet odors. When the air just sits, this particle pollution is heavy in the air and it puts a strain on a person's immune system. If the person happens to have asthma or allergies, it exacerbates their breathing difficulties and threatens to make them sick at the same time. This is bad, very bad. ABC News did a Primetime show years ago called "Air of Mystery: Hemosiderosis" in which they explored a recurrent high incidence of babies dying after their lungs started bleeding. Upon further discovery, they found that mold in the home was at the cause of the problem. They also found in these home, the air circulation system was very poorly designed and was pumping the air from the basement of the house into the living space. We cannot stress enough how important good air circulation is for your health.

How Good Air Circulation Affects Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Good air circulation ought to significantly improve an asthma or allergy sufferer's breathing function. In most cases, it does. But sometimes it can irritate the sufferer and aggravate their symptoms. This is a temporary setback. Some find that as the circulation begins to clear the air, it also moves particles around in the air which then increase irritation. The solution is to allow the ventilation to do its work while you outside or away. Once the particle count is down, it will be easier for the sufferer to enjoy the fresh air.

This is true in air purifiers with fans also. The fans can move particles around in a room faster and that can impact an asthma sufferer. But once the circulation and the air purifier take care of the pollution, it should be a great relief to those who suffer from asthma and allergies.


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