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How Can I Look and Act Older? 50 Ways

Updated on February 7, 2014
50 ways to look and act older
50 ways to look and act older | Source

Although most people have the goal of looking younger, a few have the opposite wish - they want to look older!

Whether it's because you want to hang out with older kids, go somewhere you shouldn't, or simply want to look more mature, sometimes looking older can be a bonus.

Although there are some unhealthy ways to age your body faster, such as smoking, drinking and not caring for your skin, the following list contains mainly ways that shouldn't effect your health. If you do choose ways that may cause long term health issues, remember that they are often not reversible and you may later regret them.

Here are some ideas to help you look (and act) older.

  1. Accessorize - Add a nice watch, necklace and purse to your outfit.
  2. Avoid Flairy Clothes - Don't go for clothes that sparkle, are bright or have lots of ruffles.
  3. Avoid Slang - Nothing makes you appear young like using shortened words and slang.
  4. Avoid Cheap & Glittery - Don't wear the glitter lipgloss, $2 jewellery or other "tween" items.
  5. Belts - This can work for either men or women. It adds to the sophistication of a male outfit if done right, and on a female it can be cinched to add more feminine and older curves.
  6. Body Language - Work on confident postures, poses and holding your head up.
  7. Cleavage - If you're female, enhancing your cleavage (while being modest in other aspects) can add to the appearance of age.
  8. Complain Less - Younger people often complain more, and think the world revolves around them.
  9. Confidence - Even if you have to fake it, confidence makes you look more mature. Practice keeping your head up, a confident walk and strong confident voice.
  10. Contouring - Suck in your cheeks and put some dark blush across the groove you’ve made on your cheek. Instant cheekbones, and more maturity!
  11. Curlier Hair - Curls and waves, or perms, add age.
  12. Darker Hair - Dark generally adds age, blonde makes you appear younger.
  13. Don't Slouch - It'll make you look younger and less mature.
  14. Earrings - Interestingly, ear piercing adds age. Try and go for laid back and charming, not bright and gory earrings.
  15. Emphasise - One area of your body at a time, and cover the rest.
  16. Emulate - Find a celebrity or person in your life who looks mature and older, and has a style you want to copy.
  17. Eyeliner - An easy way to add some age.
  18. Fitted Clothing - Make sure your clothing fits your body. Baggy, loose clothing will make you look like you're trying too hard to look older.
  19. Funny - Get a shirt made that says "Actually I'm 19, thanks for asking" or "I'm not old enough to appreciate looking this young, but I'm not as young as I look".
  20. Glasses - Even fake ones can add age and make you look more mature.
  21. Gain Weight - If you look skinny and athletic you're usually going to look younger.
  22. Grey Highlights - If you're willing to take the plunge, get some grey streaks in your hair.
  23. Grow a Beard - If you're a guy that is.
  24. Hairstyle - Choose a hairstyle that accentuates your face and suits you - talk to your hairdresser about the best style. Avoid ponytails and plaits.
  25. Hang Out With Older People - Choosing older friends can make you appear older, and you may learn some of their habits that add age to their manner and appearance.
  26. Hat - Add an older style hat or beret to add some age, or at least shade your face to hide your youth.
  27. Height - If you're short, try for some wedges or heels to add a few inches.
  28. Layering - Go for layered looks with singlets, shirts and cardigans.
  29. Makeup - Experiment with makeup styles till you find one that makes you looker older. Just don't use too much makeup as it will make you look young and immature.
  30. Moustache - If you're a guy and a bear doesn't work, a moustache or goatee can add age.
  31. Nails - Go for neutral nail colors or a mature shade of red.
  32. Newspaper - Tuck one under your arm. Many people are more receptive to a person who obviously keeps up with current events.
  33. No Baseball Caps & Baggy Jeans - Make you look untidy and young.
  34. No Gum - Avoid the gum. Kids chew gum, not adults.
  35. No Pimples - Clear skin makes you appear older, so get out some natural skin enhancers or cover ups.
  36. Outdoor Sports - Sun and wind will age the skin so get outside and go sailing or join a sports club. Just don't overdo it and do use sun protection.
  37. Part Your Hair - In the middle, and get rid of your fringe if you have one.
  38. Pencil Skirts - A great fashion style to make women look older.
  39. Perfume/Cologne - Avoid tween deodorants and go with a more mature allure.
  40. Pluck Eyebrows - Eyebrows generally thin with age, so thin them yourself.
  41. Shoes - Avoid the gym shoes and sneakers. Try for heels, flats or leather shoes.
  42. Simplicity - Avoid too many mismatched items. Go with plain colours and plain, matching layers. Choose a feature piece of jewellery instead of five.
  43. Sleep - Lack of sleep slows development.
  44. Slow Down - Younger people rush around trying to do everything at once.
  45. Smile - Smile lines are nicer than scowl lines, so choosing where you get wrinkles will at least help you age gracefully.
  46. Stand Up For Yourself - Be prepared to not back down and be confident about anything you say or do.
  47. Tanning - Either a fake or a real tan can add age to your appearance.
  48. Vehicle - If you're choosing a car to go with your older look, avoid hatchbacks and fancy utes. And bright shiny stickers! Go with a sedan in darker reds or blues, or plain white.
  49. Voice Changes - As you get older, your voice lowers in pitch. You can work on your voice at home or with a speech therapist to do this yourself if you wish.
  50. Work Out - Adding muscle definition helps add the appearance of age.


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