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How Can I Lose Weight ? Healthy Eating + Self Hypnosis Cd"s

Updated on July 14, 2011

How Do I Lose Weight ?

Are you looking for help with losing weight ? Did you know that 1,220,000 people ask this question global on a monthly basis so it is a high priority question that needs an answer for all ages .

The simple answer is to eat less food especially fried food , white bread etc and exercise more , however it comes down to people needing education on good food habits while they are still young and can get into good habits for life

Here in Australia it can be very hot in summer like a couple of days ago when it was 42 degrees & the airconditioner was working overtime.

We kept drinking all day due to the heat , however we drank tank water which taste nice unlike others who drink can after can of fizzy drink full of sugar every day which is sure to keep you putting on weight and staying that way.

Many people eat fast food on a regular basis rather than keeping McDonald's , Hungry Jacks or KFC as a treat every so often.

Here are some tips on losing weight for you or a family member.

Remember though If you have any health problems yo need to consult your doctor before you make any radical changes in your diet or exercise.

Check out the self hypnosis website below as well.

Wanting to lose weight for the beach ?
Wanting to lose weight for the beach ?

Healthy Eating

Eat more fruit every day
Eat more fruit every day

Fruit & Vegies to stay healthy

This is a favourite way to eat vegetables now. We eat them most of the time for snacks rather than fatty foods.

You can dip raw veggies into hummus or dip . Celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and carrots are some favourites.

Vegetable soup is always welcome in the winter and good for you.

Try eating vegetables in season so as to have variety in your diet and save money .

Fill up on Vegetables at dinner time

Lifestyle Change

The key to weight loss or at least one of them is not to look at it as a short term diet but a lifestyle change where you  change your eating habbits for good as well as exercise 30 minutes each day from now on.

It doesn't have to be all at once - you can do 3 lots of 10 minute blocks throughout the day and have some variation , maybe a 10 minute walk , later on some exercises and so on.

This way you should't find yourself giving up due to boredom.

Make sure you have 3 balanced meals a day as a family.

Save your treats for a special evening and enjoy them without feeling guilty rather than during the week.

Check labels on food

 Make sure you check fat content on your labels when buying food at the supermarket as well as sugar content

Avoid Junk food like food which contains sugar or too much saturated fat, soft drinks, alcohol, most sausages, chips, sweets, cakes, buns and white bread.

It is best to stay away from junk food, because it usually contains far too much sugar and fat, but all too little of important nutrients. Why stuff yourself with "empty calories"?

Instead make sure you eat Various kinds of fruit, greens, root vegetables, potatoes, salads, fish, peas, beans, lentils, brown rice, porridge, small amount of olive oil and low fat dairy products.

Exercise every day

Take time out of the day to fit in some exercise that you enjoy even if it means getting up a bit earlier in the morning which is the best time to exercise for boosing your metabilism .

If you cannot fit it in the morning then you could try using your lunch break to fit it in or try

Walking to work if possible or cycling if possible

Swimming is another great way & if you are with someone else it can be more fun than exercise.

Playing tennis or another game will turn exercise into a fun pasttime for you and seem less like


Kayaking is a relaxing form of exercise and great for toning up your arms.

Self Hypnosis Cd's

Many people believe in self hypnosis as a way of losing weight amongst other things so you might like to give it a go and you can find out more at This site . has an amazing range of audio cds for weight loss, confidence, motivation and more

You will not need will power!
As you listen to the CD, your brain will be reprogrammed to think like a thin person. Your thought patterns about food will just change. You will naturally find yourself craving healthy food.
As your brain reprograms itself to think like a thin person, you find that your body is changing and becoming slimmer and slimmer.

They even Include Gastric Lap Band weight loss - WITHOUT the surgery! Better still, postage is free to anywhere in the world ! So why not give it a go .

Singer Lily Allen went from size 12 to size eight after    hypnotherapy. "After the hypnotism, I want to go to the    gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad.   I just want to get more toned and healthy.   I'm really good about everything at the m
Singer Lily Allen went from size 12 to size eight after hypnotherapy. "After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad. I just want to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good about everything at the m | Source

Think Yourself thin

Cut down on Alcohol / Soft drink

Alcohol will slow you right down from losing weight so try to avoid it while losing weight or keep it as a treat one night a week.

This is where I find it hard as we enjoy a glass of wine with our meal.

Soft drink will keep you bloated as well as being full of sugar so needs to be avoided.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day to quench your thirst & help with weight loss.

At least a litre a day is reccommended.

Less of this

Drink more Water

Treat yourself in other ways

 Instead of reaching for food to comfort yourself come up with other ways to treat yourself instead of reaching for food or Alcohol.

Such as a long relaxing bath

A read of a good book or favorite magazine

A walk with your loved one or a friend

Your favorite perfume

As you lose weight shop for a new item of clothing to keep your incentive up!


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