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How Does IVF Help Cases of Infertility in India

Updated on August 3, 2016


Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant even after having unprotected sex for up to one year. To understand the reasons for infertility, it is first necessary to understand the pregnancy procedure. To be able to get pregnant a woman's body needs to release an egg from the ovary, which must be fertilized with a man's sperm. This fertilized egg goes through a fallopian tube towards the uterus, attaching itself to the walls of the uterus for further growth. Infertility can happen because of problems at any of these stages. According to the World Health Organization’s infertility prevalence calculations, the global infertility rates are tough to be determined because of the presence of both male and female factors, complicating the whole calculation. But an overall estimate tells us that nearly 72.4 million couples experience fertility problems around the world. That is on an average infertility affects 8-12% couples worldwide. According to Statista, in 2014, Singapore, with 0.81 children per woman, had the lowest fertility rates in the world. Developing countries usually have a higher fertility rate because of the lack of access to contraceptives and also because of lack of education at times.

Infertility in India

According to an article in The Hindu, there were over 20 million infertile couples in India in 2015. Another nationwide survey revealed that around 46% of couples who ended up in fertility clinics belonged to the prime reproductive age group of 31-40 years. Statistics released by the World Bank revealed that a decline in fertility was observed since 1960, with an almost 17% drop in fertility from 2000 to 2014. Experts say that the increased level of contamination in food has led to an increase in levels of estrogen and also in a decrease in sperm quality. One problem that most fertility experts find in India is that the infertile couple delays treatment on account of the details they get from internet or friends. This delay in treatment can work against the couple when they finally decide to visit a doctor. Many fertility experts who were part of a WHO study said that they are shocked to know that around 64% of the infertile couples in India still consider child birth as God's will and therefore delay treatment, despite the fact that treatment options are available in most parts of the country, with some of the best IVF clinic across different parts of India.

Infertility Treatments

There are a number of fertility treatments available in India, depending on the reason for infertility.

Many ovulation problems can be treated with various types of medication. These medications can be of help in case of issues like hormonal imbalance. Surgery is another option when there is a blockage in the fallopian tube or vas deferens. Then there is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), which is used in cases of low sperm count, blocked fallopian tubes, etc. Artificial insemination can also be a solution for many couples who are unable to conceive. IVF is an ART technique that is most commonly used across the world. Some IVF procedures are combined with an ICSI procedure to increase the success rate. In this procedure, which the eggs, sperms and embryos are all handled outside the body. India is a known a medical tourism destination for fertility procedures, with skilled and experienced professionals offering the treatment at facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, say experts. In India, Bangalore is amongst the places with some of the best and cost efficient treatment facilities. IVF treatment in Bangalore is renowned for its high success rate too.


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