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How EFT Helped Rachelle, a Typhoon Haiyan Survivor, From the Philippines

Updated on May 2, 2014

Super typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda, which hit the Philippines in November 2013, greatly devastated many regions of Central Visayas in the country. The destruction not only left thousands of Filipinos homeless, it also traumatized and created so much fear in the survivors, a big number of which were children.

A few weeks after, Sebastian van der Schrier, a fellow EFT practitioner from the Netherlands but has been based in Asia for some time now, checked out these places. He wanted to help the people who experienced the strongest typhoon by releasing their fears and trauma through EFT tapping.

The first place he chose to do this in was in Bantayan, an island off the coast of Cebu in the Visayas. Sebastian coordinated with leaders of the school where he could get in touch with traumatized children.

One of those he performed EFT on was Rachelle, a teenager, who felt she was going to die while the storm was raging. She also felt bad about all the people she saw suffering and the experience of seeing her house completely destroyed by the typhoon was so terrifying.

Rachelle was, actually, part of a class Sebastian had already worked on the day before. She was asked to come back to, supposedly, just talk of her experience for Sebastian's video documentation to attest on how she felt better after the EFT session held with her whole class.

Into their conversation, however, Sebastian sensed that Rachelle had remaining feelings of fear and sadness brought about the typhoon's devastation. It could be due to lack of focus as the group Sebastian worked on the day before was quite big, about 50 children, and with a noisy environment outside - conditions that were not suitable for EFT sessions.

But, even with this difficulty, about 90% of the children released their bad feelings in less than 30 minutes, with Rachelle being one of the few who had remaining negative feelings that were not totally addressed.

On that day, Rachelle was able to release of her negative emotions with the use of EFT tapping. The technique effectively and quickly brought emotional wellness to Rachelle and she became inspired to help others in her group by teaching them EFT, as well.

Sebastiaan also conducted other sessions to release personal traumas of about 100 more children who were greatly affected by the typhoon. He is currently working on his mission of releasing the traumas of over 10,000 more Filipino children by training 100 local Filipinos to administer the technique further.

EFT Tapping has definitely reduced, if not totally released, traumas of the typhoon victims in the Philippines and will, hopefully, help more.


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