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How Effective is Thai Massage?

Updated on September 11, 2013

Thai Massage

After a long day at work or a debacle with conflicting thoughts, many find ease and relief while getting a massage. Nowadays there are different types of massage, each varies in theory, the kind of pressure and techniques and of course origin. One of the popular types of massage is Thai massage. It has become part of the Thailand Traditional Medicine and has also become popular even in Western countries. However, how effective is Thai Massage?

Principles and Practice of Thai Massage

Before we answer the just how effective Thai massage is, let us first look on the principles and practice of this type of massage. Thai massage requires the patient to wear comfortable clothes as he or she will need to passively move together with the therapist at some point.

The recipient settles himself or herself on the mat instead of a table where he or she is massaged from the feet going up to the head. The massage centers on the energy lines and points of pressure in the body. The energy lines is called “Sen” and this is where the therapist applies pressure. The fingers, hands, elbows and feet are used to apply pressure on these areas, however the whole body of the therapist is the source of the overall pressure.


During stretching, the therapist will fixate himself or herself around the recipient’s limbs, arms and legs. These are not exercises since the therapist does all the work while the recipient is only passively participating. The stretching complements the “Sen” which also promotes flexibility and relieves body tension.

How effective is Thai massage to the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the recipient? Indulging in effective thai massage provides several health benefits and promotes overall wellness. Physically, Thai massage is effective in improving blood circulation and removing toxins from the body. It also helps regulate blood pressure levels. It also promotes muscle and joint health by improving flexibility and range as well as correct posture.

It is also healthy for the mental mind since it promotes a positive outlook and fosters better focus and concentration. It also aids in thought processes and promote clarity of the mind.

Lastly, Thai massage also promotes psychological health because it combats anxiety and depression. It also leaves the recipient grasp more inner control and raise self-confidence. It is also a good way to fight body and mind fatigue as well as laziness.

Considering that Thai massage has become an important discipline from its roots and widely studied even in other countries, the question “how effective is Thai massage” becomes water under the bridge. However, it is important to note that this massage is not for everybody. Pregnant women, people who had chemotherapy and people who are suffering from skin ailments are advised against getting this massage. Should one get a Thai massage, it is important to check if the massage clinic is licensed and the therapists are skilled and educated to give this massage.


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