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How I Fixed My Broken Split Fingernails Naturally

Updated on December 26, 2013

Broken and Split Nails or Onychoschizia

Onychoschizia, or broken and split finger nails can happen as a result of many things, the most common seem to be constantly keeping the nails wet and prolonged use of nail varnish.

I never used to keep my nails wet, but I was a dedicated nail varnish user, especially in my teens and early twenties. My nails, always had a very slight tendency to bend and flake at the edges, but this was never really a problem and the grew very quickly so were easy to restore to their talon like status! I was very proud of my nails, they were just one area of my body that I could feel proud of.

Slowly, however, over the years, my nails didn't fair so well. The splitting became worse, they would flake and break and were becoming softer. The cuticles stopped attaching to the nail and at the nail bed and I developed ridges down the length of the nail. happily this coincided with the birth of my children and the last thing I considered at that time was the state of my nails, preferring them to remain short.

The years passed, the children grew, but my nails steadily became worse, they hardly grew and my hands looked pale and my nail beds were white, looking as though my circulation was poor.

By now I was in my forties and my health wasn't doing too well either, I was beginning to have a series of little illnesses that I put down to aging, usually dismissing them, but occasionally wondering why they were happening. Life was too busy to worry about these little things.

The one day aged 51 I discovered I had breast cancer. So now things were definitely broken. I had quite a bit of the treatment the doctors offered, but eventually became resistant to their level of intervention. I decided to look elsewhere to try to fix my breaking down body

Treatments for Split Fingernails

The current treatment for splitting, soft or brittle fingernails seems to be increasing intake of biotin and an application of moisturisers.

I never really subscribe to the use of topical treatments, and so never tried moisturisers. There seems to be very little further information or suggestions available. I always remember in the good old days my doctor used to look at my fingernails if I presented with any illness. That doesn't seem to happen now. Looking back I think he was right to do so.

I now subscribe to the idea that hands and feet are like windows on the health of the rest of the body. Certainly if my nails were anything to go by neither my nails, and as it turned out, nor my body were healthy.

My Search For A Health Cure

I decided that there was something fundamentally wrong with my health, and I was determined to find out just what that might be. I spent quite a bit of time, maybe a year researching the symptoms, and discovered they were very like hypothyroid symptoms. I spent more time and a considerable amount of money chasing the thyroid rainbow, only to discover my thyroid testing was all normal, and even when I tried the medications anyway, they didn't work. I was simply looking in the wrong place. The holy grail for low thyroid sufferers is raising a low body temperature, I wondered if perhaps this was more 'upstream' than the thyroid and started on another search to see if anyone in this big wide world had fixed a low body temperature. I was lucky, indeed there was.

I contacted this Central Metabolic Control System Therapist Called Steve Richfield. Steve, having been dangerously ill himself had come to a similar conclusion to me, that his systemic problem was his compromised immune system. He had fixed his low temperature several years before and was now well. I enlisted his help.

Why Might Illness be a Systemic Problem?

The human body is a series of systems and organs. It works like a huge orchestra conducted by the central metabolic control system.

In around 40% of the population this central metabolic control system goes haywire. It malfunctions. This might be due to any number of factors, but one or two are known, for example, ancestral history of famine. This causes the central management control system to learn, by superstitious learning that a current modus operandi is undesirable, and so it changes the set point to something else.

Immune systems, and it is thought there may be many, may be under pinned by optimal operating temperature set points, when these become incorrectly selected the immune system may no longer function optimally, each immune system, operating at its own individual set point, may be compromised.

The result of this could be, that as time goes by, the immune systems, may not be able to fix small problems, leaving small red tags in places that are either not fixed or are partially fixed. These might then manifest themselves as slight annoying symptoms. As time passes the red tags increase until there become so many that that particular immune system can no longer cope and the system breaks.

An alternate approach may be to try to fix the underlying cause first, restore the immune system to optimal and seeing if fixing am underpinning low body temperature returns things to normal. This in itself will enable the immune systems to cycle around their necessary set points to start to repair and fix some of the red tags. When the optimal immune system has done this then any residual red tags might be able to be dealt with later.

How did I Fix my Splitting Breaking Fingernails?

Steve Richfield supported my when I decided to optimise my immune system and fix my low body temperature. This is a very difficult process called 'resetting'. It is a protracted process, but as soon as I started to have a normal underpinning temperature set point, and my immune systems were kick started into action, cycling at their own correct set points, I noticed healing and repair happening. Some things healed very quickly like my dry skin, somethings, like my nails took much longer and needed extra help.

As my body healed I noticed some residual problems, some remaining red tags. I had decide to look at nutrition first in order to correct any deficiencies before resorting to allopathic treatments. Interestingly it was whilst I was trying to complete the healing of my gums, that I found something that also worked on my nails.

I had increased my biotin levels as I suspected a deficiency here was possibly part of the problem, but biotin itself didn't really have a great effect on my hair or nails. It was when I took higher doses fo vitamin c for my gums that I noticed two things, my gums problems stopped, and my nails started to grow. They grew very quickly and were very strong and no longer flakey.


My hands in this picture are 55 years old. they look like they did when I was 18. The nails are restored, and the cuticles well attached and healthy. This is as a direct result , I believe of optimising my immune system, resetting my low body temperature and adjusting my vitamin C levels. I have also noticed since taking more vitamin C I have no leukonychia, white spots on nails, this might be entirely coincidental.

I hope my journey along this very interesting path in some way helps others to look for cures for those little red tag symptoms, or even a big disease.

I may never know if my cancer, by BIG red tag will ever be fixed as a result of fixing my compromised immune system, some red tags that are too advanced or too many, may simply never be fixable be if the immune system was too compromised, but I will always continue to look after my body watching the little subset illnesses, like my nails, healing gives me great hope and encouragement..

BTW I decided to cut my nails after this picture, they were way too long :)

© 2013 Janey Hood


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