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How I Got Rid Of My Warts

Updated on April 21, 2010

My first wart appeared on my hand at the age of about 9. Another one appeared a few years ago. I am now almost 40 years old and I managed to get rid of them just a few months ago.

This article is to help anyone who may have a similar problem as mine.

I have seen some pretty disturbing photos over the net. Mine weren't that gruesome. My first wart grew in size over the years to 1.5cm in diameter. The other only to about 0.5cm.

I remember at the age of 9 when they first appeared my mother bought something from the drug store but after a while we gave up as it didn't help.

Over the years I learned to live with them. At first it was only one and I often picked at it, the more I picked the larger it grew later on. Sometimes I would use a razor blade and trim it off, but it often bled if I cut too close. I tried battery acid at some point but i didn't persist as i was afraid I might do damage instead of good to my hand.

A few years ago I tried freezing them with a spray from the drug store. I think it was called Creopharm or something. It didn't help.

Last year I connected to the net. While surfing on the net I came across a drug called DUOFILM. It wasn't expensive so I decided to give it a go.

After using it for about a month I almost gave up again. I followed the instructions and it did seem to work, but the wart would appear again and it seemed to grow in size.

Now this is where I got lucky.

My mother noticed that I was wearing a rubber glove at some time during the treatment (I'll explain later on) and asked me what was wrong with my hand. I told her that I was trying to get rid of my warts and she simply asked 'Do you still have that wart?'........

She had forgotten about it and probably thought it had gone away by itself. After a little chitchat she told me that my grandmother also had warts and that they just went away. My grandmother said she had been using an ointment for her hands witch hurt due to her arthritis. It was VOLTAREN a gel in a tube used for muscle aces and arthritis pain.

I decided to combine the two treatments and see how it would go. Here's how I did it.

The Duofilm treatment said that you had to soak the wart in warm water and then apply the liquid on the wart, leave it and later peel off a layer of the wart and then apply again. (That's why I wore the rubber glove. I had a wet tissue over the wart, under the glove.)

Instead of soaking the wart with warm water I soaked it with Voltaren for an hour and then applied Duofilm on with the brush. After a couple of days I soaked the wart with Voltaren and about an hour later I scraped off a thick layer of the now rubber like wart with a blunt knife. I repeated the cycle once again and that was it. The skin was tender to the touch but free of warts. Now a few months later you can hardly notice there was something there.

I wish I had taken photographs of the process so that I could post them now but I didn't expect it to work to be honest.

This is a personal account of what I did to get rid of my warts and is by no means a recommendation for a treatment.

You never know when you might get in trouble for trying to help.

I hope this article was helpful.

Hardly noticeable trace of the wart just behind the knuckle.
Hardly noticeable trace of the wart just behind the knuckle.
The small one has now left no trace. It was on the left side of the finger between the joints.
The small one has now left no trace. It was on the left side of the finger between the joints.

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