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How I Stopped Worrying and Let Go

Updated on December 11, 2018
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist. She also writes blogs about improving mental wellbeing and leading a calmer, more productive life.


What Is A Worry Thought?

A worry-some thought is like a planted seed that grows and grows with any attention you give it.

When you think about it, we worry about what has happened or what may happen. What has passed cannot be undone and what is to come is not set.

So with that in mind, what is the point in worrying?

Easy said isn't it? You already know that. Worry isn't rational. Our rational mind knows we're being ridiculous because it keeps telling the other, irrational one so. We just can't seem to let go of our worry. It has this hold over us, like somehow if we let go of it, all hell will break loose.

My Experience

I was sitting at my desk one day worrying about something so small. Well it started off small, but by the end of the day it had become this massive overwhelming monster. It wouldn't go away and leave me in peace. Even if it had tried, I would probably have grabbed it back and let it terrorise me some more!

Enough Was Enough

In a split second, I decided that was it. I'd had enough of worrying about things that had happened or probably would never happen.

What can I do about it? I wondered.

I went to Amazon for answers! There I found it, it was like it was just sitting there waiting for me. Dissolve The Problem by Richard Dotts.

This book changed my life, and I don't say that flippantly. It really did. As soon as I read the title I knew this was going to be my saviour.

I am a convert to The Law Of Attraction, although I prefer to call it creation myself. That said, you do not have to subscribe to the reality shift idea in order to make this technique work for you.

Dissolving The Problem

It's such a simple concept and one that you might dismiss as being too simple to even possibly work. Have an open mind if you will. Just for the time it takes you to red this post.

Imagine your problem first. Now ditch the word 'Problem' and call it your 'Situation' I can't remember if Richard does this, but this works wonders for me as a starting point. I think it's because situations can change and problems seem much harder to get rid of.

So here you are with your situation. Lets say it's something that might happen. A bad outcome, the worst you can imagine given the situation.

Can you do anything right at this minute?

Yes or No?

If you can take some action right now to prevent it from happening then do that.

In most cases however, you will not be able to take action. This is when dissolving it worry comes in.

What does dissolving really mean?

Letting it go. Just letting it drift away. I generally imagine the situation as a ball of energy. I let it slowly move away and see it dissolving as it leaves.

Visualisation is a real help here. I use it all the time as a tool to change my physical reality. But like I said, even if you don't believe in all that stuff, you can still do this.

Sit back now and give it a try. The tell yourself firmly. I cannot do anything right now. This situation will probably never happen but if it does then I'll deal with it at the time.

What's the use in worrying about it now and then again if it does happen?

I can honestly say that since adopting this way of thinking, I never let a worry thought grow. I still get them, of course I do, I am only human after-all. They arrive, and I gently ask them to be on their way so that I can get on with my day in a productive manner, just as I was planning to before it came along.

Visualise The Outcome You Prefer

This is a simple technique and one some of you will see as a complete waste of time. Bear with me. Just sit back and in your mind's eye, imagine a favourable outcome. Feel how you might feel if this outcome was to become a reality. Now forget about that thought and go about your business.


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