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How I am Losing Weight Quickly

Updated on April 11, 2018

Cut All Refined Sugar Out of Your Diet

Look, I know this sounds so hard, but there are so many healthier alternatives you can eat other than refined sugar. Refined sugar has absolutely ZERO health benefits and studies have shown a strong positive correlation between sugar consumption and obesity.

This doesn't mean you have to cut out everything sweet from your diet. There are so many other alternatives. The most obvious one is fruit. Fruit has a very sweet taste to it and is one way to stomp that sugar craving. But I know what you are thinking: fruit won't always fix that sugar craving you have and that is so true. Fruit rarely fixes my cravings, so that is why I have so many other healthy sweet foods.

Healthy Sweet Treat #1

Dark Chocolate: It of course needs to be at least 72% cacao, but dark chocolate can even be good for you. I personally enjoy Firefly chocolate which they sell at my local food store. Another great option is Loving Earth chocolate. These chocolates are made using coconut sugar, so they still taste sweet and yummy but without the cane sugar. Also, dark chocolate is high in antioxidants which will get rid of the free radicals in our body.

Healthy Sweet Treat #2

Fruit and Nut Mix: This is personally my favorite way to fix my craving as I LOVE nuts and I love dried fruit. So I usually make my own mix at home by using raw nuts, dried fruit (cherries, figs, etc.), and some paleo granola. This is one of my favorite things to eat ever because it is so dang good! But be careful because it's so good you might just eat it all!

Healthy Sweet Treat #3

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds: I personally get the kind from Trader Joe's that are 72% cacao, but sadly they do have cane sugar in them, so I really limit my intake of these to only once in a great while. But when I first cut sugar out of my diet I did eat these pretty regularly because I missed all of the sugar I used to eat. Now I have gotten to the point where I can eat dried fruit and that fixes my craving pretty well.

Have Fun Going Out Without the Alcohol

Going out and knocking back a few drinks to let loose and have fun is so much fun right? But is it worth it? I am in college so I have experienced the effects of drinking way too much alcohol. I used to drink at least two times a weekend every single week for a whole semester. And let me tell you that the impact on my body from drinking so much was insane because I gained so much weight. It has been 5 months since then and have not had alcohol since and have lost all of that weight. I am not saying to give it up forever, but definitely watch how much you do it.

Drink Water...Like So Much Water

This is the tip that really has changed my life the most I think. I have always drank a TON of water growing up (probably around the recommended 64 ounces a day). But recently while on my weight loss journey I have upped my intake to 100-120 ounces a day. I know hearing that you need to drink water gets tiring because everyone says it, but I am not saying to just drink the 8 cups a day. I am saying increase that amount even a little more because right when I increased my intake I lost a lot of the bloat I was carrying around my midsection.

Think About What You Are Putting In Your Body

Personally, I eat a paleo based diet, and I say "based" because I am not perfect all the time. Sometimes I do like to eat rice or beans and I know the traditional paleo diet says to not eat those. I am not saying you need to eat paleo to lose weight, but everything I put in my body I like to have some benefits. I do not like putting empty calories in my body (like chips, or cookies). If I crave something salty, I eat nuts or salted carrots (my fav) as those contain fats and vitamins that are good for my body. So overall just age aware of what you are putting in your body.

One Last Quick Tip:

If you are experiencing any digestive problems, try eliminating foods that you could have an intolerance to, such as gluten, dairy, eggs, etc. I found out that I was gluten intolerant and ever since then I have never felt better. My stomach never hurts anymore and I never experience any of those painful cramps. So just beware of any intolerances.


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    • fithealthylife profile imageAUTHOR


      10 months ago from San Diego

      Totally! I haven't craved any type of sweet containing cane sugar for months now and I love it as I've never been healthier.

    • Peggasuse profile image


      10 months ago from Indiana, USA

      I totally agree with you. I think the only reason we crave sugar, even after we've eaten a piece of fruit, is because our bodies are used to refined sugar products. I think that once you stop eating refined sugar, your body goes into a type of withdrawal and you just have to live through that until you don't crave it anymore.

      I remember doing that once, and then one day, months later, I ate a jelly donut (which I use to love) and it tasted awful! So see, the withdrawal was over and now my body was use to eating more natural stuff.

      Good article.


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