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How I helped curing dengue and increase the platelets recently

Updated on March 14, 2014



Two day back my nephew's wife came to me asking about the cure of dengue ,she said that her nephew was fighting for life as his platelets are decreasing in a fast rate due to dengue as I have mentioned earlier in one of my hubs about the use of papaya leaves for curing dengue ,some people did not believe it that ,simple papaya leaf extract could take care of the platelets and has an ability to snatch the death from the ailing person .and give a hope to survive.

  • The recommended dose is two tablespoon of raw papaya leaves juice to be taken once or twice a day if the condition is critical
  • I suggested 1 tea spoon four times as the child was small,and a miracle happened the fever receded and the platelet count increased giving life to that young boy .the only thing that was made to change in this dose was to give the juice with honey so that the child would not spit it out without getting the benefit from it ..The doctors too were pleased at his recovery and asked his mother what was that she gave it to her child that a miracle took place .
  • For elders a dose of 2 tablespoonfuls once a day, you need 2 papaya leaves to squeeze 2 tbsps of papaya leave's juice .

  • Clean and extract the juice by pounding the leaf and then squeeze it with a thin muslin cloth add little honey and give it to the patient 3 to 4 times a day

  • Do not boil, cook or rinse the leaves with hot water.just wash it with plain water before pounding ,Use only the leafy part of the stem do not squeeze the sap of the stem just give leaves juice.
  • Dengue fever is caused by Aedes aegypti mosquito.It is characterized by Fever rash joint pain and muscle pains.
  • Dengue fever is also referred as West Nile fever, it is a mild viral illness transmitted by mosquito's bite it causes fever, rashes and muscle and joint aches.The treatment includes re hydration and recovery is expected if papaya leaf juice is given. A second exposure to the virus can result in Dengue hemorrhagic fever which is frankly a life-threatening illness. But we must not loose home once this problem is detected we must start on the said dose of papaya leaf juice and have plenty of water to remove toxins from the body
  • once the patent recovers we must shift to wheat Grass juice to enhance the resistance power and recover lost blood count.


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      Here's dosage info and instructions if you can't find the extract.