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If Used Correctly, How Effective is Kinesiology Tape?

Updated on June 5, 2015

You must have noticed strips of bright colored tapes on the arms and legs of athletes during sport events. This colorful tape is known as Kinesiology or "Kinesio" Tape. Although the trend of wearing this tape looks new but it has been in use for decades. This tape is becoming more popular among athletes because it is believed that it prevents injuries and has medical benefits. It is often used in acute sprains and muscle strains along with lymphedema or acute edema.

How It Applied to Neck?

Kinesiology Tape Adviced by Retailer in Australia
Kinesiology Tape Adviced by Retailer in Australia | Source

What is Kinesio Tape?

Kinesiology tape is a thin, latex free hypoallergenic cotton fiber tape with an acrylic adhesive. KT is a form of elastic therapeutic tape.The tape can be stretched 40%-60% of its resting length.

Therapist used it for Shoulder while doing some physical therapy to strengthen it.
Therapist used it for Shoulder while doing some physical therapy to strengthen it. | Source

How KT Works Actually?

Lymph is a clear liquid that travels throughout the body. Lymph flow in our body is stimulated through our daily activities. Lack of stimulation results in collection of toxic waste in our body which blocks the path of lymph flow. The blocked lymph flow becomes the cause of pain and swelling. During an injury the space between the dermis and muscle is compressed and the nerve receptors in that space are also compressed and information about pain is sent to the brain.

The kinesio tape pulls the upper layer of skin and creates a vacuum between the dermis and the muscle. This vacuum allow lymph to flow properly. It puts low pressure on pain receptors of the body. The tape promotes circulation to an inflamed area. Fresh blood flows in, oxygenating the tissues and promoting healing.

Kerri Walsh used kinesiology tape at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.
Kerri Walsh used kinesiology tape at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. | Source

Benefits of Kinesio Tape

It's supposed to help with injury prevention / chronic pain. There's different patterns which are supposed to help with the different injuries. The level of elasticity it offers combined with a rather effective adhesive has performed better than regular athletic tape in several instances.

"Kinesiology tape works to provide extra support and stability for muscles and joints while still moving with the body to allow full range-of-motion" says, marketer at Discount Sports Tape

1. Pain Relief

When kinesio tape is applied on an effected area it lifts the upper layer of the skin which relieves pressure on pain receptors between the skin and the muscle. In other words kinesio tape alters the information sent to the brain.

2. Swelling Reduction

The elastic properties of kinesio tape help to lift the upper layer of skin. The space created by lifting of the skin allow lymphatic drainage and venous system to work more efficiently. The lymphatic drainage system ls to drain swelling and other inflammatory cells away from the injured area quickly. Thus Kinesio tape helps in reducing the swelling of affected area.

3. Muscle Support

Unlike other non strapping tapes kinesio tape has unique elastic properties that provide full support and protection to joint and muscles without restricting motion of body parts.

It works pretty well as a mechanical support for, say, an ankle sprains and patellar tracking issues if you don't want something quite so rigid as traditional tape, but anything other than that seems to be largely placebo.

4. Reduced Muscle Fatigue, Cramps.

Lactic acid which is a post exercise byproducts causes fatigue and cramping. Kinesiology tape reduce cramps and fatigue be removing lactic acid and other exercise by products.

5. Help Bruising Movement

Kinesiology can also be used even to help heal bad bruises (of course caused by internal bleeding) and fluid movement under the skin and fascia.

K-tape can help gently bring back some of that movement by allowing the increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage to reduce bruising.

Have You Experienced Sports Injuries?

Kinesiology Tape, Does it Work?

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If you want to kinesiology tape a try to heal your sports injuries or to prevent any muscle injuries or strains, Ask for K-Tape retailers for free samples.


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