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How Many Things We Do In Life Refers Back To Drinking Alcohol

Updated on August 12, 2013

Have you ever noticed how many things we do in life refers back to drinking alcohol? Just sit back a moment and think to yourself how many function, birthdays and parties always have alcohol involved.

I thought about this and came up with so many things in life that always revolve around drinking alcohol, such as:

  • Birthday parties, whether it be for an adult or our young children.
  • Weddings
  • Fishing trips
  • Camping
  • Christenings
  • Cook outs
  • Concerts
  • Ball Games
  • Playing in a band
  • Yard work
  • Cutting the grass
  • Home remodeling

I can go on and on, but you get the point that everything in life we do always seems to revolve around drinking alcohol and getting drunk. The more I thought about this and now being clean and sober, I think to myself that having to drink or have alcohol at every function in life is a little bit sickening to me now that I have finally seen the light after many years of drinking alcohol.

This brings me to one thing I'd like to mention that refers to me and I bet millions of other people that are or have been addicted to alcohol.

The first words out of my mouth when my family and I were invited to any kind of function was, " are they having alcohol?" If the answer was no, then I would make an excuse not to go and if I did go, I would bring my own beer in a cooler and hide it in my car, sneaking out often for a smoke break and a fast beer with no one looking. Looking at the way I acted back then makes me sick at my stomach.

How alcohol can run and ruin your life is unbelievable, but it is no ones fault but my own and yours if you have the same problem I had. I now realize that alcohol had complete control over my entire life and I could not go anywhere without it.

There were times I was out with the family or just friends and cut the entire day short so that I could get home and get my alcohol, and the longer I was away from it the more miserable I got. I think there are many people reading this that can relate to exactly what I am taking about. It is truly a very sad thing, wouldn't you say?

Every alcoholic has to make a stand and fight off those demons that are running and ruining our lives and the lives of the ones that love and care for us.

Lets all work together and try our hardest to change our lives around and get clean and sober and stay clean and sober once and for all. I did it, so can you. There is only one thing that you must do and that is to get out of the denial you are living in and admit you have a problem with drinking alcohol and simply surrender to your innner demons.

Most importantly, you MUST want sobriety in your life, and if you do, and are serious about getting sober you have taken the most important step. Don't do it to just shut someone up for a few days or weeks, and don't do it because you are forced to, just do it for yourself and to prolong your one and only life you have.

Believe me, it will be the best move you could ever do in your lifetime.


Quitting Drinking Alcohol

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      AEvans, Thank you for your comment and nice hearing from you. You are truly blessed by not being addicted to such a horrible thing. I had many friends that drank along with me and once I became sober they all just disappeared into thin air. I guess I wasn't so called " fun anymore." according to them. Are we going to have the top Hubbers again soon?


    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I haven't ever been addicted to alcohol; but my father was and so have a few of my friends. A couple I have cut all ties with because when they get drunk they are obnoxious. I only drink occasionally and I am blessed. I do hope that one day my friends will become sober and realize that life is just as exciting, if not better then when they are drinking. Congratulations on your sobriety! :)