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How Much Have You Lived? - Bucket List

Updated on June 23, 2016

How to use...

You've probably heard of them: bucket lists.

A bucket list, according to Wikipedia, is:

A list of activities someone wants to do 
before he or she dies

Most bucket lists are composed of wonderful goals, fun or creative things that you might want to do in your life before you die. Some people really take this to heart, spending thousands of dollars crossing off all items on their list.

But if you are a regular person, then you might find that many of those items are difficult to achieve, if not completely unrealistic. You might notice that you can't cross off all that much.

It might leave you feeling like you really haven't done much with your life.

This list is here to prove to you that you have in fact done a lot!

Read down the items below, and just keep count of how much you have done! Not all items are great, because not all life experiences are great, but they are a part of life and shape us into who we are.

If there's something you want to achieve at some point in the future, write it down on your own personal bucket list.

Feel free to add your own items in the comments below!


The list...

  1. See the Mona Lisa
  2. Learn to meditate
  3. Tell someone they are important to me
  4. Bury the hatchet with someone you had a conflict with in the past
  5. Learn to knit or crochet
  6. Make a friend in another country
  7. Go to Disneyland
  8. Climb a rope to the top
  9. Design something
  10. Do 20 push-ups in a row
  11. Learn to read sheet music
  12. Learn to pronounce a tongue-twister
  13. Find classical music you love
  14. Solve a Rubik's Cube
  15. Get up before sunset 5 days in a row
  16. Get a source of passive income
  17. Invest in something
  18. Create your family tree
  19. Start a tradition
  20. Learn to juggle
  21. Go to the sauna
  22. Take a retour trip on a plane on the same day
  23. Learn to do a handstand
  24. Be able to do a split
  25. Learn to mix a cocktail
  26. Learn to code something
  27. Make a youtube playlist
  28. Take a trip by yourself
  29. Have a BBQ
  30. Save a human life
  31. Save an animal life
  32. Build a sandcastle
  33. Build a gingerbread house
  34. Learn how to shoot a gun
  35. Try out vegetarianism for at least 3 weeks
  36. Have a baby
  37. Comfort someone when they cry
  38. Go to Africa
  39. Watch a sports game
  40. Buy your own home
  41. Stay up all night
  42. Celebrate new year's eve
  43. Knit a scarf
  44. Lose
  45. Win
  46. Dance in the rain
  47. Laugh in the rain
  48. Work in a different country
  49. Publish a book
  50. Surprise someone
  51. Wear something you made yourself
  52. Stay overnight in a hospital
  53. Take a selfie
  54. Go snorkeling / scuba-diving
  55. Get my driver's license
  56. Hate snow
  57. Sleep on someone's couch
  58. Marry someone
  59. Go into therapy
  60. Have a favorite color
  61. Live in an apartment
  62. Get a car
  63. Read Shakespeare
  64. Bake a cake
  65. Teach someone else something new
  66. Live through four different seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall
  67. Go on a diet
  68. Sleep outside
  69. Swim in the ocean
  70. Cry your eyes out
  71. Participate in a contest
  72. Play chess
  73. Fly in a plane
  74. Write a book
  75. Be unable to stop laughing
  76. Take a bus
  77. See snow
  78. Take a class for no particular reason
  79. Watch all movies of the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit or Harry Potter
  80. Watch all Star Wars movies
  81. Take a trip on a boat
  82. Read at least 5 classic novels
  83. Write a story
  84. Volunteer
  85. Get a broken heart
  86. Sing when others could hear me
  87. Sleep in nature
  88. Watch a documentary
  89. Make your own meal
  90. Donate blood
  91. Get dumped
  92. See someone die
  93. Take an unexpected trip
  94. Act on stage or on tv/film
  95. Travel to another continent
  96. See one of the modern Wonders of the World
  97. Get a tan
  98. Have a picnic
  99. Take a class on wine tasting
  100. Get a ticket
  101. Lose a pet
  102. Go to the ballet
  103. Laugh so hard your sides hurt
  104. Give a compliment to someone you know
  105. Work in customer service
  106. Eat something you grew yourself
  107. Stay in a hostel
  108. Read a fictional novel
  109. Celebrate a holiday
  110. Fall in love
  111. Knit or crochet something
  112. Redecorate your home
  113. Travel to another country on your continent
  114. Go to Ikea
  115. Love a documentary
  116. Learn to draw
  117. Meet the love of my life
  118. Love a pet
  119. Go skiing
  120. See a celebrity in their daily lives
  121. Go to a concert
  122. Experience live classical music
  123. Meet a celebrity
  124. Try a different profession
  125. Go to a festival
  126. Memorize a poem
  127. Go to the opera
  128. Love snow
  129. Approach a stranger and strike up a conversation
  130. Befriend a complete stranger (not known to anyone I know)
  131. Live alone
  132. Play in snow
  133. Plant a tree and watch it grow
  134. Change my job
  135. Handwrite a letter to someone
  136. Go to Asia
  137. Get a makeover
  138. Experience a sunrise/sunset
  139. Be proud of something
  140. Plant a seed and watch it grow
  141. Discover your own recipe
  142. Spend an entire day cleaning
  143. Finish high school
  144. Finish college/university
  145. Finish another degree
  146. Take a dance class
  147. Rent an apartment
  148. Get angry
  149. Try a different life style (eg. live in a trailer/declutter/live green/...)
  150. Find something to wear which I love
  151. Go to starbucks
  152. Sleep on the grass
  153. Run to catch a train
  154. Learn sign language
  155. Divorce someone
  156. Learn martial arts
  157. Get yelled at
  158. Be happy with what I saw in the mirror
  159. See someone give birth
  160. Achieve my ideal weight
  161. Get a degree beyond high school
  162. Read a non-fiction book
  163. Do something you fear
  164. Get something pierced
  165. Work behind a till
  166. Sleep all day
  167. Learn to play an instrument
  168. Travel by train
  169. Give a compliment to a stranger
  170. Sing karaoke
  171. Make a friend
  172. Witness a solar eclipse
  173. Take up a new sport
  174. Read a book on poetry
  175. Visit a museum
  176. Read Lovecraft
  177. Go to Australia
  178. Get a pet
  179. Be in an ambulance
  180. Get engaged
  181. Climb a tree
  182. Read Edgar Allan Poe
  183. Bingewatch a tv show
  184. Play in the mud
  185. Stay in a hotel by yourself
  186. Get completely soaked by the rain
  187. Be a fan of someone
  188. Go on a road trip
  189. Go to South America
  190. Get a tattoo
  191. Laugh in the rain
  192. Travel alone
  193. Visit a castle
  194. Go on a blind date
  195. Live in a house
  196. Dress up
  197. Try veganism for 3 weeks
  198. Fly a kite
  199. Get hugged
  200. Swim in a river or lake
  201. Experience a sunrise/sunset on the beach
  202. Fly in a hot-air balloon
  203. Stay home all day
  204. Earn money with something you wrote
  205. Learn to ride a bicycle
  206. Ride a roller coaster
  207. Donate money
  208. Take a class (outside of school)
  209. Do something kind for a stranger
  210. Join a cause you believe in
  211. Go to Europe
  212. Understand the basics behind E=mc²
  213. Really understand evolution
  214. Go to North America
  215. Throw a party
  216. Learn a second language
  217. Go stargazing
  218. Appreciate the scents of nature
  219. Learn to type blind
  220. Appreciate the sounds of nature
  221. Go to Asia
  222. Take a chance
  223. Be a fan of something
  224. Learn 10 quotes by heart
  225. Finish a book you hate


How many items have you already achieved?

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