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No Nuts for Me, Thank You

Updated on September 15, 2012
Original Scanograph Design-Laura L. Weeks 10/08/2004
Original Scanograph Design-Laura L. Weeks 10/08/2004 | Source

My Nut Craze Binge

No Nuts for Me, Thank You!

I remember when I was a little girl and the holidays came around. I recall my main thought was nuts, nuts and more nuts. I love nuts, all types: walnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachio nuts etc., However my preference was pecans. I looked forward to every Thanksgiving. Nuts were my main course, next to cranberry sauce and several containers of eggnog. I found out later the reason I liked eggnog was the nutmeg ingredients in the eggnog. So after the big Thanksgiving dinner in which I had very little of, I immediately started in on my nut craze binge. I cracked them and I ate them, and I cracked them and I ate them. I usually ate nuts from Thanksgiving Day to early January non-stop day in and day out; it seemed like, I ate pounds and pounds of nuts and year after year, holiday after holiday. I remember a girl taught me how to crack nuts without a nutcracker, by putting two pecans nuts together in my hand and squeezing hard. What a thrill that was, woo! I practiced this type of behavior until it became a fixation. I indulged as a child, into my teens and unto adulthood.

I Went on My Usual Nut Craze Binge

I remember the day I almost died. I went on my usual nut craze binge. I started my day off with no breakfast and I brought a bag full of pecans nuts to work to eat for lunch. My dinner consisted of, no food, just more nuts. This went on from Thanksgiving of 1990 to an almost fatal January 2 1991. I recall looking in the mirror that evening and I notice three tiny bumps on my face near my eye and in a matter of seconds as I rubbed those tiny bumps my eyes began to itch and swell very rapidly and shut down. I was told later that my face became swollen and distorted. What I do remember is a tingling sensation in my mouth and swelling of my tongue and throat. I had difficulty breathing and at the same time diarrhea. It all happened so quickly. I had no idea what was happening to me and after a while I could not speak. My parents immediately rushed me to the emergency room of the hospital. When I reached the hospital, I could not open my eyes at all. My mother had to walk me around. The doctor saw me immediately which was not the ordinary in the emergency room. The doctor injected me several times, with hundreds of milligrams of benadryl two or three hours apart, for a allergic reaction to something, which I did not know at that time, it was a allergic reaction to what I had a passion for, nuts. My nut craze came to an end for seven years. Forgetting how severe and dramatic the experience was seven years before, I started eating nuts again nothing happened, so I assumed I was no longer allergic to nuts. A few weeks later I ate a piece of carrot cake which must of had nuts because I had a allergic reaction. This time knowing benadryl would help soothe my reaction to nuts, I took about 4 benadryls and several benadryls after that.. I always keep benadryl in the house for emergency. After that day I promised myself not to eat nuts in any form. I look at labels for nut ingredients. I realize from that day till now that I cannot eat nuts or it will kill me. No Nuts for Me, Thank You!

What Causes Allergic Nut Reactions?

The doctor did not say which nuts caused my allergic reaction, but at that time I was on a pecan nut binges. I do admit, eating nuts day after day, I believe if I did not eaten nuts in excess, I would still be able to eat nuts today. I miss that delicious taste from nature. I laugh now but it was not funny then. For all my friends I would like to say, all is well now. I thank you for your caring and concern.

From My Research

I have learned that the immune system is meant to ward off any threats to health, but it can often confuse non-threatening substances that are ingested, inhaled, or touched with those, such as bacteria and viruses, that are truly dangerous. Through the years, I was consuming pounds and pounds of nuts, especially pecans. There was a fuzzy white-like mold and sometimes black ashy growth inside of the pecan shell. I did not bother to throw the nut away. Instead I bit around the mold or whatever it was. I did not care, I was nut crazy! However, when the pecan made my glands in my throat start to tingle, that is when, I would discard of the rest of the nut. There was another time, when I eat the edges of a nut that looked rotten and my stomach felt like it turned upside down. At that time I did not make the connection. I just knew I liked the taste of nuts not thinking to myself. “Laura, maybe you have had enough nuts yesterday or today.” My only response was, I kept eating more nuts.

Today I Realize From My Observation

The nuts,The nuts, and more nuts I was consuming were rotten, in other words full of bacteria. I also realize the bacteria on the nuts made an impression on my brain through my glands and that those pecans are coexistent with bacteria or rotten nuts. The reaction my body had in the early stages was my immune system fighting the bacteria. From my research I have also learned that there wasnt anything directly wrong with the nuts, but my body could not reject the poisonous bacteria without rejecting the non threatening substance. If I was a scientist, doctor or specialist, I would have understood more about my allergic reaction and probably could have been more cautious in each nut choice, which is no fun. I learned from my research, anything we do in excess will sooner or later have an adverse affect on our bodies and consequently infect and or affect others in every area of our lives. Which was my case, I had to stay home from work until my face went down from the swelling. I loss time and money from my job. However, there is one thing I am absolutely know from my experience and research and that is, I am Allergic to nuts and although I heard and read that sometimes people do, out grow allergies, I will never again test it. So, I Say, Today No Nuts For Me, Thank You!


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    • nina64 profile image

      Nina L James 

      6 years ago from chicago, Illinois

      I'm so glad that you were able to get some help for your allergic reaction to nuts. Did your doctor specify which type of nut that made you sick? I wish you all the best!!! Stay well. Voted up.


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