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How Performing Daily Rituals Will Bring True Happiness

Updated on April 10, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

Food for Thought by Some of the Most Highly Respected Life Coaches

Out of all the motivational speakers that I give my undivided attention to is Tony Robbins. The man has a gift of inspiring change in others due to his ability to see through people and at the drop of a hat comes up with something that a person has within which is holding them back. However, despite being so gifted at what he does, he does not really try to convey the message of Higher Power, God, or Universal Consciousness, etc. I personally feel that this is intentional to keep him from being pigeonholed as a type of pastor or anything on that particular level. He does mention from time to time he believes in God or a Creator but I do respect that he does not make it the focus of his seminars. If he ever did want to be an evangelist I think Joel Osteen would meet his match in their ability to reach others and have them give themselves completely to act to change who they are creating a need for change.

This stage or point we can reach is, in my opinion, the most rewarding for all of us because it is the moment we ask for help and know what we have been doing is not working. The reason I brought Robbins up is that he has mentioned the need for "rituals." He claims that they are the most defining things that we can do to bring about real change in our lives. I agree although mine is slightly different from what he speaks about in his gatherings due to mine being more about feeding your inner person (spirit) first and once done it will give you the strength to endure the day and transform them into daily testimonies of going from glory to glory. in the process, we don't claim the victories for ourselves and instead thank our source and praise only it, him, or her for the grace, mercy, and favor on our lives. It is my contention that this method is more in tune with what the wisdom traditions laid out for us thousands of years ago which are still relevant today, in fact even more so in this pandemic going on all around the world.

Ritual one: Feeding your inner person (spirit)

When I wake up alike most I typically do so reluctantly. My mind will automatically gravitate towards the negative. Things like what negative events occurred to me the previous day or spending hours at work earning a living surrounded by people who look to flesh and not spirit to fuel their needs. At this moment I know how to stop that stream of thoughts on demand and instead I think of quotes that inspire me or sometimes I put on YouTube and listen to Pastor Osteen or Les Brown for 15 minutes. This single ritual will change the direction of your life and improve your health guaranteed. Most wake up and turn on the news or gets dressed and heads out reading the paper. This is a recipe for disaster ladies and gentlemen. Get what you need to know from others rather than having to feed ourselves news that is created to suck you in with fear and every other manifestation of it. Reading things that feed you and ignite your hope and faith is what we were created to do. In tune with our source and our spirits fed with the good news. Facing the day connected to the goodness all around us will cause us to live happier lives, become more fulfilled, and attuned to higher truth. This is similar to being a modern-day Jedi knight and it all starts with feeding your mind with the right information.

Ritual 2: Daily affirmations and redirecting our inner dialogue throughout our day

When heading off into the daily activities I need to get done to live my life and pursue my dreams there are times where when I feel self-doubt and the world looks a little off-kilter. I remind myself that "everything is where it should be including myself." Hitting the road and listening to the words of Chopra or Nightengale on the way to my first destination is part of my ritual. This one thing I do while driving in traffic helps to remedy the building stress which if I had just let my mind run the show from the instant I woke up could quite possibly have sucked 50% of the 100% mental capacity I need for work. This point in most people's lives creates a living hell they partake in every day of the week until they are thanking God for Friday.... and it never crosses their mind that thanking God for every day just might be the one thing missing from their lives in manifesting happiness and well being. Attitude determines everything that goes on in your life. This is a universal law and is recorded in the wisdom traditions of both East and West. The law states that what we think about we become. This sadly for many produces a life of frustration, fear, and the inability to enjoy not even a single minute of their daily routine. When you learn to live again with an attitude of gratitude you will see everything around you merely conspiring to get you to where you need to be to experience your next victory.

Ritual 3: Fine-tuning and adjusting yourself for maximum connection to your source

There is theory I heard once which is called the "dump truck theory" It goes like this. All people are dump trucks and the problems we see in the world is that we are all filled to capacity. This, in turn, means that we go around dumping a little bit out every now and then to get rid of some of this trash. This, in my opinion, is exactly what is happening all around me when out and about. This explains all the honking, yelling obscenities, and blatant disrespect which is really just a dump truck looking to lighten the load of bitterness within.

On the other hand, there is a solution. This is looking at ourselves as a glass of water filled to the top with a bunch of dirt swirling around in it. Some clear. Some not. Now imagine pouring pure clean water into the same glass. We continued pouring the water until the water which was once dirty is now all clear. This is the same thing I am doing with my daily rituals. In time you as well can get to where you are not a dump truck or a glass of dirty water. No one is perfect including myself so we should all realize we will never be saints but I am suggesting with the right rituals we can produce a life where love and happiness flow with abundance.


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