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How Positivity And Sobriety Go Hand And Hand

Updated on July 12, 2014

For anyone that may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, I want to explain what I have learned about just how positivity and sobriety go hand and hand.

Can you imagine trying to achieve something in life without having a positive attitude towards what you are trying to accomplish?

Nothing will ever be achieved in life while you are in that negative frame of mind. At least it never worked for me.

When I finally surrender to this horrible thing we called addiction, I really didn't know if I could ever find my sobriety. I kind of thought this addiction may well be too far gone and it would take a miracle to come out from under and get clean and sober again.

Well, I have to say, that the miracle I thought would never happen became a reality and it was as real as real could be.

How They Work so Well Together

Many people may not believe that positivity and sobriety work so well with each other. They work well together because you need to be positive about sobriety before you can find sobriety.

Staying positive and having the will and desire to become clean and sober is absolutely necessary. Without being positive about your sobriety you will have a tough time achieving it.

Nothing great will ever happen in your life when being negative everyday of your life. There is nothing like living life sober and living it with a positive attitude.

Staying positive about your success of becoming sober keeps you sober. Yes, I know that everyday may be a struggle for some trying to stay clean and sober, but what I had experienced in my journey was that everyday that went by just got easier to handle.

Sure I missed the feeling of that buzz or that high that these addictions are so kind to give us, but it did become easier to accept the loss of one of my best friends, my demons.

I was excited to see the next day come and go and knowing that this day that passed was one more day sober and I marked the calendar everyday with pride and the joy of my success.

Never Lose Your Positive Attitude

Never let anything stand in your way of continuing to be clean and sober and never let positivity leave your side. Keep it close by and get the word negative out of your vocabulary once and for all. The word negative will get you nowhere in life so why even have it in your vocabulary?

I can't stress enough the importance of being and living Positive. By doing so, you will be a much happier person and along with that your health may even improve do to this positive attitude.

Living life with negativity I'm sure would take a toll on your mind and your health over time. I know it would for me if I walked around being negative everyday.

So, if you think or know you have an addiction to alcohol just give positivity and sobriety a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When you combine positivity and sobriety together they are a great team and you should get great results when you let them take over and get rid of your alcohol addiction once and for all.

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ holyjean30, Thank you for your kind words regarding this hub and the other posts as well. I know you went through some real hard times but I am so proud of you for winning over your addiction. You should be also so proud. Keep up the great work and as long as we keep that positive attitude in our lives everything should be just fine.

      Congrats and stay strong !!!


    • holyjeans30 profile image

      Amy D. 7 years ago from Mostly in My Own Little World

      I wish they would add a vote up up UP button. Love your posts. This one is so true. This March will be 4 years I've been clean and sober from an addiction that started with alcohol but quickly accelerated into a cocaine, crack, pills, whatever I could get my hands on. I was a nurse, a single parent. I wasn't the "type" that people would associate with being an addict. Long story short though, I lost my job, my house, my KIDS. I died inside that day, and every day after for the next 2 years, until I got myself together, hired an attorney, and one for them too, and got them home a week before Christmas in 2009. Positivity, fake or genuine, is vital. I had to "fake it til I made it" so they say. Anytime I wanted to use, and man there many many times, so many triggers, I would play that tape through, and then think of my kids. That was my saving grace. If you're trying to get and stay clean, you have to, have to find something in your life worth fighting for, even if it's a weak fight, you get stronger as you go, if you stay positive.