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How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life

Updated on December 12, 2018
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie is a published author and a law of attraction enthusiast. Wishful Thinking is out now.

When Belief in LOA Is Wavering

Do you know what? You don't have to have this complete and utter unwavering faith in the theory to make the law of attraction work for you. Why? Because it's not something that you kick into action, or turn on with the flick of a switch, it's not something that works when you make it work. It's just a thing. By that I mean, it's just the way things work. I know this because of my own experiences. I can make good things happen and I can also make less desirable things happen. That's the thing...everything happens to us because of our own thoughts. Not the fleeting thoughts, the one's that drift in and out of our minds throughout the day, but the thoughts we give real emotion to.

An Example of an Undesirable Event

I was buying a new car. I had paid the deposit and had a two week wait until my shiny new car arrived. In that time I was still using my car. The garage had agreed to buy in from me. I needed this to be the case as I was investing quite substantially in my brand new car.

Now, knowing what I know, and guarding my thoughts as I do, I was quite frustrated with the fact that I could not get rid of the niggling thought that I was going to prang my car before the deal went through. I might be stuck with two cars on finance rather than just my new car. I was getting a good deal from the garage for my old car. They were going to pay off the outstanding balance and I would make another £1,000 to go towards the new one.

I just couldn't let this niggling feeling go. It was there bothering me for over a week. One day whilst driving to meet a friend, I just let it go. I'm not sure how I did it, but it was gone, I was free of it.

Unfortunately this was not the end of the story.....on the way home I stopped at the shop. When I pulled away, I scraped my car along a high curb! Seriously? I thought. Why did this happen? Because by thinking about this for a whole week, (not even thinking really, it was just there in the back of my mind. A feeling if you like, a vibration) I had already set this event in motion. Letting go of the vibration merely let it happen! Bummer.

Momentum | Source

Learn How to Think Around Your Desire

It's true that we are manifesting our lives as we go about them. Sometimes, we want specific things, we want them so badly that we think we might implode if we can't make them happen by utilising all of the techniques we have read about online, seen onYouTube, read in books....

This in itself, is the very reason we will never get them. I know that's a bit of a depressing statement but believe me, I know!

So what do we do to manifest them? Is there a secret formula? Please say there is Evie!

The way I have managed to get around these blocks is to think around the desire lightly. Think about what you actually want and then stop trying to visualise events and situations that might make it happen. Use a light touch. Get the feeling of your desire. How would you feel if you had it. Sit with that feeling for a fe minutes. Next think about the worst case scenario. Can you live with that? I bet it's not so bad. What you are looking for here, is a feeling of acceptance. Some call it letting go but I don't as it seems a tough goal to achieve. You think if you let go of it then the Universe will think you don't want it anymore and delete it from your wish list!

You are the Universe, it's you that makes things happen not IT. You just shift reality with your feelings. All the time as it goes.

Accepting Doubt to Manifest
Accepting Doubt to Manifest | Source

Stop Worrying About Doubt

Just stop worrying that doubt will stop you from changing your life with LOA. Just accept that doubt is there if it is. I don't have even a tiny amount of doubt anymore. Letting go however, happens gradually. One day, you realise you believe completely and you can't understand how everyone doesn't know about this wonderful power we all posses.

Accept your doubt, It won't stop your desire from coming to you. You can just let it be. Even wondering when it will happen from time to time will not affect your manifestation. I have done the doubting, I've wondered, I've questioned too. As long as for at least 60% of the time you are getting on with your life, then it's okay.

Let it Happen - Don't Try to Make it Happen

Letting it happen as apposed to making it happen will allow your desire to come to you much faster and in a much better way. If you try and force it, you will either not get it, or get it with issues.

I have done this too. I have still managed to get the things I wanted, but not in the best way and mostly I lost them again.

Trust that your inner you knows what's best for you. Not the Universe or anything else outside of you. You are in charge. Nobody is judging you or saying yes to some things and no to others.

It's all about YOU. Once you realise that you will truly fly. Asking means you're accepting that something has control of your life. It doesn't.

Good luck and happy manifesting!


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