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How To Avoid Regaining Weight

Updated on July 25, 2011

When you succeed in losing weight, you have every reason to rejoice. But, in your elation, you may forget an important fact and that is the possibility of you regaining your weight. So, maintaining the right weight is as important as losing weight. It is not automatic and you should make efforts for this also.

When you were attempting weight loss, your complete focus would have been on it but once it is achieved, your focus may diminish. You must understand that for maintaining the weight also, you need to have the same amount of focus and make the same amount of efforts as you made for losing weight, if not more. Since you have gone through the process, you now know the factors that contribute to increase in weight. The following points should be borne in mind for avoiding weight increase once again.

- The human body has the strange habit of getting adjusted to the changes you make. Since you may have made a few drastic changes to your eating habits or in your exercises programs, your body may have got adjusted to them. Further, you may not be able to follow these changes for a longer period of time if they have not been effected gradually. Sudden drastic changes may result in certain physical effects like dizziness, headaches, constipation, fatigue, etc. also. You may face another problem like decreased metabolism and loss of muscles. When your body metabolism gets slackened, the body will tend to store weight and fat whenever you eat and this will result in weight gain again. Without stamina and enough strength, you may be burned out and exhibit a sore behavior.

- You should change your entire lifestyle if you want to maintain your weight and ensure that you do not regain weight. This can not be achieved overnight and it is a long-drawn process. Changing your lifestyle may require adopting new habits and this may rob you of your peace of mind initially. Many adjustments should be done for which you need to keep yourself motivated. Close monitoring of your progress and making modifications wherever necessary may be an arduous task but in the end, if you are able to succeed in all these things, you can definitely maintain your weight continuously.

So, you should always aim to lose your weight slowly so that you get adjusted to both the physiological and psychological requirements of the process. Once both your mind and body get adjusted to them, maintaining the same weight will be easy. You must shift your focus from weight loss to adopting the new lifestyle required for maintaining your weight. You must also enjoy the new lifestyle that consists of both healthy eating and doing judicious exercises. If you remain motivated, you will definitely enjoy them. If you stick to this process, you will be able to maintain your weight continuously.


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