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How To Balance Your Emotions

Updated on April 29, 2011

Balancing your emotions allows you to have optimum health. You will feel more serene and confident. You will feel more in control of your body and will make better decisions. Some tips for balancing your emotions are:

1) Meditate

Meditation will allow you to balance your energy. Try to set aside twenty minutes to meditate. Meditate at least three times a week. Sit on the ground with your spine erect, and legs crossed. Take deep breaths and focus on the rhythm of your breathing.

2) Drink lots of water.

Water brings energy and revitalizes your body. Your body is made up of 70% liquid. It needs to be replenished to prevent dehydration. Most adults should drink eight glasses of water a day.

3) Eat the right kind of foods

Avoid drinking excessive caffeinated coffee, soda, tea, and alcohol. Also, avoid eating excessive sugars, and processed foods. Instead, eat natural foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables are that full of vitamins that your body needs. Caffeinated, sugary and processed foods can make you have high and low mood swings up to an hour after eating them. If you feel you are not getting enough nutrition, try taking vitamins.

4) Relate to nature

Find a peaceful place outdoors, such as a park, and observe nature. Listen to the birds, watch the clouds roll by, observe the squirrels. You can also visualize colored cords of light connecting you into earth. Try to imagine energy pouring from earth up the cords destroying them. Repeat this process until you feel connected to the earth.

5) Detach yourself

Don’t let the outside environment or circumstances affect you. Remain balanced in every situation, positive and negative. Try to stay calm when you get into a car accident, have bad finances, lose a job, have a death in the family. Do not let negative emotions overpower you. Write down the negative emotions you feel every day and try to self-talk yourself into feeling more positive.

6) Get enough sleep

Most people need at least eight hours of sleep a day to function properly. Sleep will energize and detoxify your body. Light exercise, swimming, and warm baths are also helpful.

7) Use your imagination.

Think of your favorite tree. Imagine that you are a tree and pretend your arms being branches. Imagine you have thousands of roots extending deeply into the earth.

8) Breathing exercises

Deeply breathe in and out. Close your eyes. When you breathe out, pretend that the emotions are also coming out of your body. Do this several times until you feel balanced.

9) Go to the spa

Get a nice massage or facial. You will feel more relaxed and less stressed.

10) Listen to calm music

Listen to light music. You might consider classical, country, or smooth jazz.


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