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Steps to Personal Training Success

Updated on February 7, 2014

Become accountable and be an awesome personal trainer

Being a Personal Trainer can be one of the most rewarding and fun jobs in the world. At times though, it can be one of the hardest and most stressful. A lot of people will underestimate the strength, both mentally and physically, that a Personal Trainer is required to have. Mentally it takes a lot to motivate the client, but don’t forget that it takes a lot to motivate themselves, day after day, week after week, with nobody to pat a Personal Trainer on the back and say “Well done, good job.” Physically, a Personal Trainer should be in great shape to, setting an example for their clients to follow. Indeed, major parts of the job are motivation, dedication and knowledge, and if the Personal Trainer themselves do not perform these 3 key thing day in day out, then there is absolutely no chance they will succeed.

So what do we mean by accountability? For a client, they are accountable to their Personal Trainer; they will have to report every day or week, and stick to a pre-defined plan, because if they don’t, they will have not only have let themselves down, but their Personal Trainer too. This makes them feel accountable, and in many cases like they actually have to do it in order not to displease their trainer.

Now, on the flip-side is the Personal Trainer him/herself. Accountability for a PT is a completely different ball game, and something which requires much thought to be given to it. Indeed, who are they actually accountable to? Accountability is something every PT will have to assess, and they will eventually come up with two answers here. The first and most obvious answer is that they are accountable to their clients. However, there are several things wrong with this. In most cases, clients aren’t sure on what is right or wrong, so if a PT gets something wrong one day through a lack of being responsible for themselves, it is unlikely a client will know or pick up on it. However, if they do, then the client may very well simply leave and find another Trainer. So this brings us back to who a PT is actually responsible for.

Of course, the answer is themselves Personal Trainers are accountable for their own actions, their own learning, and their own dedication. This is why being a PT is a challenging and rewarding job at the same time. A PT relies on nobody else, because when it comes to motivation, PT have to motivate themselves, and they have to be accountable for their own actions, because nobody else will be.

So how do we become more accountable, and in turn improve our results and business by a huge amount? Becoming accountable means taking responsibility for yourself. If you’re a PT and you are not studying up on the latest techniques, or you’re out partying until 4am every night and turning up for sessions late or with a hangover, then you really need to question whether you’re in the right profession. Personal Training requires discipline; it requires you to be an almost perfect role model in terms of fitness and health.

Trust me, as soon as you become accountable for your own actions, and you realise that you are the only one who you can rely on, your results and business will go through the roof. People and clients alike will sense your accountability and self discipline, and they will want to model themselves after your. Becoming accountable for your own actions is the way to turn your job into a thriving business.


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