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How To Break Out Of Sleep Paralysis

Updated on February 4, 2012

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

Something happened to me recently that I had not experienced for over 20yrs. I was sleeping when suddenly in the middle of the night I became aware that I was awake. The only problem was I could not move. I was sure that I was aware because I could manipulate my awareness. In other words I could think. And I knew it wasn't a dream. I heard snoring and I thought "why is my wife snoring so loudly". I looked toward the ceiling but I could only see grey/black all around which I thought was the norm because I sleep with all the lights out.

I even block out the lights from my digital clock so as not to interfere with my Pineal Gland. Fear overcame me and I decided to break out of the paralysis that I found myself in. I thought that a ghost was holding me down so I shouted "get away from me, you are not welcome here!" At the same time I tried my hardest to twist and turn my body. After a few seconds I broke out of the paralysis that I was in and I woke up.

After waking up I looked around the room and realized that the room looked different from the grey/black that I saw when I was stuck. Even though my room was dark I could still see the ceiling fan and the curtains over the window. When I was stuck I was convinced that my eyes were open and I was seeing but I was obviously not. I also came to the realization that the snoring that I heard while I was in paralysis was my own because my wife was not snoring at all. She wasn't even disturbed because if I had really screamed out I would surely have woken her up.

Throughout the following day at work I reminisced about it and tried to analyze the situation. when I got home I did some research and found that Sleep Paralysis is a fairly common occurrence in all cultures around the world. From Asia to AfRAka, Europe and throughout the Americas sleep paralysis is a well known but taboo subject. The common thread in all the different cultures is that sleep paralysis is thought to be the handy work of evil spirits. In all accounts people describe a terrifying feeling of something sitting on their chest and suffocating them as it binds their limbs.

The medical explanation of sleep paralysis is that it is associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations or the normal hypotonia that occurs during REM sleep. People either experience it while falling asleep or just before waking up in the morning. According to medical diagnosis there is no evidence to prove or suggest that sleep paralysis is harmful in any way. But I guess if sleep paralysis ever killed someone there would be no way to prove. I'm thinking of the hundreds of cases of people dieing in their sleep without any apparent cause. It is a possibility.

I put the question to Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought and this is his explanation of sleep paralysis;

The reason why your mind wakes up and the rest of your body is still asleep is due to 2 reasons.

  1. The first reason is that you are very SPIRITUAL. You manufacture a lot of Melatonin but that Melatonin is not transferring quickly to the rest of your body. It takes time before the rest of your body distributes it. Your heart is not pumping fast when you are sleeping. One thing you can do is to have your wife wake you as she wakes up every night. She might wake you up when you are dreaming of something very important. But remember that something has to give way to something else in order for success to happen. Also, change your bed sleep positions when you wake up. For instance, if you are sleeping on your left side, change to your right side.
  2. The second reason is that your CONCENTRATION has been poor. Since you are producing enough Melatonin because of Spirit, you should play Wonder Wheels everyday to allow the rest of your body to synchronize.

Since the occurrence a few nights ago sleep paralysis has not returned. In some ways I was hoping to experience it again. I was looking forward to trying to control my actions once I realized that I was indeed experiencing paralysis. That way I could get over the fear factor involved. It's not easy realizing that your twenty feet under water in the process of drowning but instead of panicking you try to rationally document the actual process of drowning. If it happens again I'm not sure what I'll do but one thing for certain, I will definitely be doing my Dohgon Flux Number Count to get me out.


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    • Lee Lee 513 profile image

      Schandee Decker 3 years ago from Granville, New York

      Thanks for sharing your experience, it's not easy to talk about because people poke fun of us and look at us differently. I like hearing about other people's experience, to see if I can understand my own.

    • profile image

      samesame 5 years ago

      hold your breathe. dont be scared. your body will wake up just as you are feeling that you are about to pass out.. thats what i do. each pwrson to there own. do what ever works for you but dont be scared.

    • Jakebrap profile image

      Jakebrap 6 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      Wish I'd read this 2 years ago :] I used to get them really bad, I've just written a hub about it but yours is lots more descriptive!

    • mintinfo profile image

      mintinfo 6 years ago

      Thanks for your input. I wish that I could predict when it will happen and what triggers it. There is no sense petting prepared and it doesn't happen for another twenty years.

    • Jangaplanet profile image

      A Ercoli 6 years ago

      It is quite interesting. I have personally experienced this type of phenomena a few times. It was rather terrifying.

      I remember seeing some form of shadow as well. Can't truly explain it. Anyway, this was long ago, when I was in my 30s. I have not experienced it again for a good 10 years or so. Great hub. Thanks for sharing.