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How To Cope With Social Distancing

Updated on April 25, 2020

Amidst this pandemic, we have been forced into social distancing. For those of us unfamiliar with the term grab gloves, a mask, food, do a search, and stay home. This has been a trying time for several of us - especially those of us who don't spend much time at our place of residence. Or those of us who are not the closest to whomever we reside with.

So yes, it has been tough. There have been tears, yelling, mental breakdowns, and whatever else that has pushed us to the brink of insanity (I may sound dramatic but this is real.) However, at a certain point, you have to find and be your own peace. Take accountability for you. When you accept that you are in control of you as well as your actions things tend to come into perspective.

If you're ready to help you help yourself here as some tips that may offer solace to a clogged mind. All of which I can vouch for because they brought me comfort while having to endure several stressful situations. Now this goes without saying but I will say it anyway - just because these methods helped me does not mean that they will be helpful to you as we are different people but these may be methods on the path to your personal peace.

My advice: try it out.


Before all of this had occurred this method has helped me zen myself out. Recently I have been experimenting with different types of meditation. I found out through extensive research that different forms of meditation can assist in the betterment of self. More recently my interest has leaned towards chakra meditation. My root chakra which is considered to be your base connection has been my main focus.

There are a plethora of mediation types. As a matter of fact, there is an informative website I like to refer to for them. If you want to look deeper feel free:

I have used mantra meditation, self-inquiry, gazing mediation, mindfulness, and of course my all-time favorite chakra meditation.

Meditation is a wonderful method of destressing. It requires focusing on the meditation itself, therefore, enabling an escape from everyday life or in certain cases an upfront confrontation with life which can be just as freeing.



Whether it be writing a story, making a journal entry, or even creating poetry writing is a form of expressionism. If I find myself emotional I write. Why? Well because emotional words are powerful words. You are caught up in the emotion so the words you right are raw. They are the unaltered form of you.

I have been working on a lot of new projects since social distancing has been implemented. Movie ideas, tv show scripts, a novel idea that I am in love with, even some new poetry to add to the old portfolio. Honestly, I could not be happier.

Writing did not make my problems go away by any means. Writing has aided my mental health and has protected me immensely. When I have a bad thought I do not act I write. So that I am able to escape my situation even if it's a few hours.



I can be the first to admit cooking is not easy for everyone. In fact, I am one of those people that have to put the effort forth. Like a lot of effort. Yet I am able to say confidently that I am not a complete mess in the kitchen. I can make meals that will have you asking for seconds, but by no means am I calling myself a top chef.

I still burn rice sometimes. My pasta sticks together every now and again. I even overcook my eggs once and a while. I AM HUMAN. I am a human who has picked up her cooking skills from the internet mostly. My point is even if you're not next in line to get your own cooking show doesn't mean you don't have potential.

Cooking is science. I believe that with all of my soul. In turn, it requires attention. A recipe is needed, pots & pans, decisions about oil need to be made, figuring out temperatures, getting ingredients, etc.: Listen to music to hype your food up.

Also to be able to consume food or a dessert of you're own making is an accomplishment in itself. It is rewarding to taste the flavors and the texture that you created. But in case you completely fail it's okay you live and you learn. Plus you can definitely laugh at yourself.



Dancing to a good song is almost always a good thing. Think about the times you've gone out dancing or had an in the moment choreography idea in your room. Heck, sometimes I dance in the shower. I don't recommend it because you can hurt yourself but as a person responsible for me I take that risk.

Music provides room for you to be you. With all the genres: country, rap, r&b, soul, hip hop, rock, alternative - there's something for everyone.

It's a great way to rid the nerves and work up a good sweat if you're really into it. Even if you aren't a freestyle person there are options. There is Zumba on platforms like YouTube and Amazon. It's kind of difficult to be angry when you are staring at a screen of smiling dancing people.

For me, it has been a single video that was screen recorded on someone's live. Where the girl is doing a seemingly easy dance, which by the way it is not. This caught my interest because of a joke a family member made about doing this dance outside the house when it's safe to go outside. Every day I learn a little bit more. My motions become more and more precise and it feels amazing. Here it is:


If you decide to try these methods or even if you don't make sure to put your health whether it be physical and mental FIRST. Take care of you in these times. You can't help anyone else unless you're in the position to do so. Remember to breathe! Remember to drink water! And remember to praise yourself for the little things!


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