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How To Deal With Belly Fat

Updated on March 8, 2019

People with belly fat (abdominal obesity) have links with many underlying health problems such as blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. The most common cause of belly fat is overeating or drinking which causes a beer belly. It's an issue for many people especially in middle-age or even after pregnancy. Whatever the cause of developing belly fat is, it can be reduced or eliminated by self-treatment. Belly fat is not only a problem but it looks bad for many people too.

Belly fat can have a negative impact on the overall health of a person. The more a person gets old, the metabolism slows down naturally. Women usually gain more fat percentage than men as they age. Even in menopause the body fat distribution alters which results in further fat being present in the abdomen. There is no quick solution or cure to shrink the belly down. However, there are a few tips to slow down the growing waistline and make fatigue go away.


1. Exercise

Moderate exercising is the path to a clean healthy mind and body, it is effective at reducing belly fat. It will regulate the sugar levels in the blood also increase metabolism. Aerobic exercise is a very good way to improve health and burn off calories. Research has shown that doing such cardio exercises slims down the waistline quite effectively. Such exercises are walking, running, swimming and even abdominal exercises are proven to reduce belly fat.

2. Eating

Eating is an important part because what you eat is what you are. Most people are unaware of what they eat and how it's going to affect them. Devote some time and thinking in how to work out the medicinal and energy benefits of what you eat rather than the taste itself alone. Paying attention to your body and good eating will increase your chances of gaining reduced belly fat. Some prime examples are reducing sugar intake and adhering to a low carb diet which will be further explained below. Consuming more fruit and vegetables is also a good option.


3. More Protein & Less Carbohydrates

Protein is a good source of energy and fantastic for achieving weight loss. You can find this macronutrient in foods like chicken breast, eggs, tuna, chickpeas, fish, nuts, meat and dairy products such as milk or cheese. It is a good idea to stock up on proteins to reduce belly fat. Studies have shown that eating protein regularly can boost metabolism and lower a person's hunger level. It's a great way to lose weight too.

Carbohydrates, especially the processed types, tend to change into sugars in the body rapidly. This causes several issues with health. On the other hand, sugar from carbs can be a vital source of energy when it is required. However, when the body does not need all of the energy from carbohydrates instantly, the body turns these to fat cells and stores them for later use. Therefore cutting down on carb intake can be very beneficial to losing belly fat.

Healthy diet
Healthy diet | Source

4. Sugar

According to studies, sugar has harmful effects on the body especially on the metabolic health. High consumption of sugar is very unhealthy due to half of fructose contained in it. It will harm the liver if too much fructose is being handled which then converts it into fat. Basically, a fatty liver directly links to the fat around the belly which obviously increases belly fat. Research has also shown that drinking sugar beverages increases obesity if consumed on a regular basis especially for youngsters. A good advice to lose belly fat is to cut down on sugary drinks and also it will improve health. Another option is eating naturally sweetened fruits if you want to enjoy something sweet.

5. Fiber

Fiber is an important part of a well balanced diet. It helps with smooth digestion and the gut stays healthy by creating a thick gel that sits on the gut. Fiber is plant matter, so it also helps with weight loss as well as acquiring a fat-free belly. Fiber also gives you the feeling that your tummy is full of food, and in that way you will lower your food intake without the risk of putting on extra weight. The good sources of fiber can be found in raw vegetables or whole fruits.

Finally, making an effort to lose belly fat by eating and exercising correctly will eventually make a person more happy and relaxed. You will stress less and sleep more which is crucial for your body to function well.

Fat-free belly acquired
Fat-free belly acquired | Source

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