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How to Deal With Depression as a Teen

Updated on September 20, 2019
Hailey Campbell profile image

If I can find happiness anyone can just take my advice and you can get better than you are now. You will be happy once again


We all have those days. Where we feel the universe is crashing down on us. With or without mental illness we all feel like that. I have them more than I do good days. I have been through a lot and have answered the question how do we get ourselves out of the hole we’re stuck in. It feels impossible but its true you can get through it. I have a lot of tricks on how to get out of bed. Believe me when I saw I know what I am saying.

The first thing to do is SEARCH QUOTES. Whatever you’re feeling search it. If you feel guilty search Quotes about guilt. It works with anything. Quotes can be a live saver. Some quotes about sensitive topics can be sad but most are happy. There are millions of quotes online there has to be your perfect quotes. One that you can set on your phone wallpaper. Quotes can be the perfect thing to keep your mood up.

The second thing LAUGH! Put on a comedy show. Anything that makes you laugh. If you don’t know what to search. Watch anything in the comedy section on Netflix. Watch YouTube. Watch other people laugh. Talk to a friend. A good one not a snake. Any good friend can make you laugh without doing anything. If you can‘t find anything look in the mirror and smile. I know it sounds really weird but just smile. It helps!

One of the most important DON'T SLEEP. I know how it feels can’t get out of bed but if you do it just gets worse and worse till you can never get up. Do something! Pet your dog or cat. Hell pet your fish. If you have a calendar write down birthdays and events or writ e in a journal. Have any work you have been putting off do it. Do you have a book on your bookshelf read it. Do whatever makes you at least happier than you're now. Just don’t close your eyes. I know it feels like the end but it’s just the beginning.

If you stay up all night thinking and all day sleeping I have the perfect tip to end this. Put an alarm on no longer than 10 am. Even if you haven‘t slept in days. Stay up! It works! Even if your eyes are half closed stay awake. It will be hard but it will be worth it when you get your sleep schedule back on track.

SET GOALS! Doesn't matter how big or small set them. It could be take a shower, do a face mask, or become the president. Doesn't matter. Have something to look forward to.

MAKE A PLAN. Make a plan for the future. Make a plan for college or career. Find your dream house. Find prices for food, bills everything.

Some colleges have free online courses it's perfect for someone who doesn't have job or go to school. It's something to do. It's perfect! And once again 100% free. Nothings stopping you. There is no excuse. Just make sure it wouldn't stress you out to a dangerous level.

Last but not least try. who knew a 3 letter word could mean so much and be so hard to do. Some people trying is easy they get up and do it. To me and a lot of people it's all most impossible to see the end of the rainbow. There is no pot of gold in our minds. How can people see gold when we see a dark whole of rejection. To see the pot. You can't stay at home and sleep. You and all of us need to get out find our rainbow and our gold. It sounds hard and it is but when you get there you will be so grateful that you started when you did. I have down it. To prove it works I will share something I think people should relate to or at least sympathies. I was put in the hospital for bad thought s but I found my gold. With this article I hope to share my gold. I hope you make something wonderful out of it.

Life is to perfect to just throw away. If you're thinking deeply just remember that this author on the internet believes in everyone but most importantly you. Every person has good in them and can get a second chance. Take my advice like you would I close friend and get out there and live a life you will remember!!

© 2019 Hailey Campbell


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