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Burn Calories Daily Without Even Knowing It - Exercise, Lose Weight And Stay In Shape

Updated on May 25, 2011
Daily exercising and staying active can lead to a healthy and toned body in no time.
Daily exercising and staying active can lead to a healthy and toned body in no time.

Stay Active And Exercise Daily Without Getting Bored

Lets face it, know one really is excited about doing the same old lame exercise routine every other day. In order for someone serious about getting in shape to really succeed and meet their desired goals they have to like doing whatever workout they choose. This can be challenging especially for people who have never adapted to a regular workout or exercise routine. That's where the creativity has to come in at. Incorporating certain daily activities into your day can help people with a tight schedule still actively reach their fitness goals. Switching up a few things you normally would do can be a big factor in keeping your body healthy and strong as well as physically fit for any occasion. This can also be very helpful to people with medical conditions that prevent them from performing any vigorous activities such as Bronchitis and Asthma. Remember, the key too a healthy and toned body is to always do your best to stay active and full of energy. Also adhering to a healthy diet can help you to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

  • Walking Into Great Shape

Walking three or more miles a day may seem like a lot but if you really think about it, it is easier than you would imagine. Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, walk up the stairs to your office, apartment etc. Don't get a ride too the store, just walk. It may seem a little more time consuming but the benefits will be worth it. Instead of taking the bus to a close destination, walk it. When riding public transportation, get off the bus a stop or two early so that you can walk the rest of the way. Even if you don't have any money, go to the mall and walk around to window shop. Leave the car at home and take the train or bus. This is not only crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it also saves you money on gas and parking. You can burn major calories and tone up your legs with this easy step daily. Also when walking, hold in your stomach to work your abs at the same time with ease.

  • Playing With The Kids

When the kids are in the backyard playing around or just at the neighborhood park make sure you join in and break a little sweat. Running around and being active with the kids more is a sure easy and stress free way to work in a quick workout for a busy parent. It also aides in helping your kids learn the importance of staying active to maintain a healthy and strong body. Doing this daily while spending quality family time at the same time helps bring your family closer also. If you have a newborn, it is very wise to invest in a Jogging Stroller so that you can power walk or lightly run while strolling the little one around. This can also be done with a regular baby stroller. If you have older kids or teens who participate in sports or other activities, practice with them. Tell them to teach you some moves and play a little one on one to keep active on a daily basis.

  • Dance Your Way To A Great Body

Everyone loves music. Now with all this internet etc. that is available, we can easily gain access to a variety of music to dance around the house too while cleaning up or laying back. Turn on some Youtube or the radio and get to stepping while doing activities around the house. Have family time by having a dance competition for fun and to tone up. If you are a wallflower whenever you hit the latest party or the hottest club, get on the dance floor. Studies have shown that people who go out weekly and dance have the best shapes verses a person who just sits there or stays home. Just dancing around for 30 minutes or more can burn a whole lot of calories and helps maintain a great chemical balance throughout the body. This is easy to accomplish if you dance to your favorite artist or songs because you really like what you are dancing too.


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