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How To Fight Lethargy The Natural Way

Updated on November 3, 2013

There are many people who frequently complain of fatigue due to which they may feel lethargic. They may be reluctant to do any work.If you face such an issue often, it may be frustrating because you may not have the required motivation for doing anything. The reasons for this issue may be medical conditions or lifestyle problems. Some of the main reasons are lack of adequate sleep, not getting enough nutrition, obesity, anemia, hypothyroidism, infections, alcohol abuse, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, etc. Here are a few natural home remedies for getting rid of the lethargy caused due to fatigue.

Home Remedies For Lethargy

* Peppermint oil can be good for relieving you of your fatigue. Put just two drops of this oil on your handkerchief, hold it near your nostrils and inhale. You can use a tissue paper also instead of a handkerchief. You can add two drops of this oil to your bathwater and this will give you a fresh and energetic feeling.

* Potatoes can help you jettison your lethargy. You must soak slices of an unpeeled potato in water and leave it for a night. Drink the juice the next morning for getting a good amount of potassium, that is an important mineral for transmission of nerve impulses. Only if nerve impulses are transmitted efficiently, you can move your muscles for carrying out various functions.

* Spinach is also good for combating lethargy. This is an old-time remedy but, it can be very effective. Spinach can supply a lot of potassium to your body. You can have good amounts of Vitamin B also as a bonus. So, make it a point to add spinach to your daily food so that your metabolism improves. With an improved metabolism, you will have sufficient energy for carrying out your work enthusiastically.

* Bananas contain potassium and so, if you have regular bouts of fatigue, you should eat at least a banana daily. You can see remarkable improvement in due course.

* It is a proven fact that if blood-flow to the brain increases, it may help in keeping the brain alert. If the brain is alert, chances of being affected by fatigue reduce to a great extent. There are some yogic postures that facilitate such a blood flow to the brain. These exercises have been in vogue in India since ancient times. You can try using pillows for keeping your feet at a higher level than the level of your head so that blood-flow to your brain increases.

* It has also been proved that fatigue and lethargy may be caused if the blood-sugar levels in the body come down. Therefore, you should never skip your breakfast. Your breakfast should supply a good amount of nutrients also. Similarly, you should eat small meals or snacks once every two to three hours. If you adopt this strategy, the blood-sugar levels of your body will be steady throughout the day, thus eliminating the chances of fatigue or lethargy.

* You must avoid refined carbohydrates because due to these unwanted items, your blood sugar levels may shoot up and then, may suddenly come down. This may make you tired and therefore, you may start feeling drained down. So, if you refrain from eating cakes, pastries and sweets made of refined sugar, you can guard against this problem.

* Wholesome grains, fiber items like vegetables, fruits, etc. should necessarily find a place in the foods you eat. Fiber foods and wholesome grains contain complex carbohydrates and so, they may help in maintaining a stable blood sugar level.

* If you want to avoid fatigue or lethargy, your adrenal glands should function efficiently and this is possible only if you reduce your consumption of fatty items. Only with the help of adrenal glands, the nutrients you consume can be metabolized. If these glands become sluggish, you may feel fatigue quite often.

By following these home remedies meticulously, you can certainly exorcise your lethargy away.


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