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How To Filter A Contaminated Life

Updated on May 20, 2012

Move on. Live.

At one point of our lives, there are times that we pause and reminisce our old days. We think about the mistakes that we unintentionally committed. Memories such as just how silly we were when we shout back at our parents, how egocentric we were when we ate the whole pie that was meant for the whole family and how stupid we were when we refused to dance with our high school crush just because of the fear that our friends might saw us. “We were so young back then”, you might utter.


Indeed, looking back at our past can be a pleasurable moment. It makes us aware of how much better we are today than we were yesterday.Sadly, not all find this as a good idea. These are the people who had traumatic experience when they were younger. Might be that they were raped, the member of their family was killed in front of their eyes, they had been a criminal and they had been the cause of why their loved one suffered. Moreover, they took all the pain and locked it on their selves. In return, it became a burden, a haunting memory that they could not escape from. One thing is sure though, that to be freed from the despair that they feel, they have to trudge on to clear their selves from the impurities that made their loads heavier… and that is filtering a contaminated life.  

First of all, these persons must feel that there is a need to remove the contamination that torments their lives. Longing for recovery is too weak to assume that these persons are ready for a reconstruction. This step is between these persons and their problems; however, preparing to talk about the matter over a trusted friend or a matured person will lessen the pain of yesterday’s wound. Moreover, seeking for a strong reason will motivate them to be determined in pursuing the need. A good foundation for recovery must be laid inherently comprising their reasons, their motive and their determination. From these they may draw their strength to be ready to take the next step.


After cultivating the right attitude in recovering, contemplating with the past and the present would help them have a balanced view towards life and its inevitable circumstances. Although its circumstances became so harsh at their past, there are still wonderful things that life may offer them. They may also consider the fact that they are still alive and they are able to go through up until this moment is a blessing. Try to embrace life in from its simplicity to its very complexity. A bud doesn’t remain a bud. After sometime, it will bloom and it will inspire many. Likewise, everything changes and thus they should also learn to move on.


             Upon achieving the former steps, engaging on social activities will let them acquire or otherwise reconstruct their self worth. Activities such as joining charity, volunteer works and other wholesome recreations may be considered. These will also let them discover the joy of sharing, giving, loving and trusting which might have faded by the tragic experience. Knowing that there are people who value their existence, who care for their wellbeing and who pray for their happiness will gradually assure them that the past would no longer haunt them and thus their lives are filtered.


            Indeed, filtering a contaminated life is not as easy as changing the filter in the water purifier. However, being successful in doing so would give them benefits that are beyond compare. They will have a peace of mind. They may sleep soundly at night without worrying that a nightmare will bother them in midnight. They will no longer dwell in the past. They will also see the sun shining ahead of them without fear that the rain would cut in the beautiful sight. They may laugh without thinking that the tears would follow. They will live not because they are just breathing but because they are loved and they want to love them in return. They may even be surprised how they can inspire many because of their strength. Once again, they’ll have their dreams, their hopes and a purpose to continue living.


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