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How To Find Your Own Cure

Updated on June 29, 2021
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No stranger to illness, Barb does her own research when traditional methods don't work. Writing about health issues comes naturally.

Serious health and disease problems require looking beneath the surface.
Serious health and disease problems require looking beneath the surface. | Source

Sickness and disease has come to the doorstep of a friend or someone close to you. It’s already been a long emotional battle. And the situation hasn’t changed much. Either the prescribed medication isn’t working or you’ve been told that there’s no other known remedy. You’ll just have to put up with it; or that it’s common with your age group and other similar, routine statements you neither wanted to hear or believe. That kind of unhelpful medical response may satisfy some but it’s not acceptable to you or for those close to you. You believe there’s something out there that can offer some hope, at least some temporary relief if not the cure itself. You’re also equally sure that there’s a cure somewhere that exists that can give you or your loved one the freedom from sickness and disease so longed for; if you can only find it.

You’re ready to take matters into your own hands and find the cure yourself. You share the same lament of many sincerely dedicated doctors and scientists worldwide. They share your hopes and frustrations and probably lose as much sleep as you do as they too worry over and contemplate cures for sicknesses and diseases that have been labeled as incurable. A study of history reveals that it became personal for many doctors and scientists too when one of their loved ones became ill. It was then that a great number of career decisions were made.

Hunting For A Cure

Consider the following as you begin what many would call an impossible fool’s journey. Whenever you feel like giving up remember that the world’s history books, medical journals and numerous other periodicals and even preserved personal letters of physicians and other medical professionals from our past are full of the accounts of impossible cures that were found. They are also full of the simple cures for life-threatening diseases that were stumbled upon by housewives and others in their own kitchens, garages or gardens. Remember, because you’ll need plenty of fortitude and persistence in your pursuit of the cure you’re searching for. Every time you feel like quitting, remember the history that says otherwise and press on.

Do You Use Online Forums To Search For Anything?

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On-line Searches For Symptoms

When searching on-line about a particular disease or condition, after initially beginning your search on specific known diseases and conditions, try searching for specific symptoms. Sometimes the individual symptoms of a particular condition show up alone when the disease or condition itself doesn’t. In on-line forums, people regularly post details about their conditions, sometimes only mentioning singular problematic current symptoms that they are experiencing. If it hasn’t been deleted, you may be able to search the original string of the conversation where more detailed information may indicate a particular disease or condition rather than just a single symptom.

Your local library is still a valuable educational resource. Not everything is available on the Internet.
Your local library is still a valuable educational resource. Not everything is available on the Internet. | Source

Utilizing The Local Library

There is still inherent value in visiting your local library. Take time to consider that not everything can be found on the Internet. They have medical and other related databases that can only be accessed from the library. They also have reference books and other helpful books that still haven’t been indexed by Google. Although efforts are made by libraries to consolidate and index material for on-line availability, many libraries still have a multitude of old books and collections that are in essence out of sight and access to the public. There are always other places that libraries stash literature that sometimes get forgotten for years.

Have You Ever Found Anything Of Value In A Used Book Store?

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Used Book Stores

Very old books are oftentimes hard to find. They’re housed in specialty or used bookstores. If you don’t mind the dust, look around your city or town for them. People still love books and owners somehow find the funds to keep these oftentimes off the cuff bookstores open. Search for them and check them all out if you can. Also check for on-line used book stores. They could be useful too if you get details about a book that might hold valuable details for you

Historical Records

One very good resource to include in your search is historical records. Specifically, we’re thinking about combing historical, medical records and journals for unusual conditions and diseases. Included in your search should also be newspapers and other periodicals. Your local library should still maintain a few microfiche machines. Although mostly ignored by the general public, they are heavily used by high school,college and graduate students and maybe some prolific authors too. Why? Microfiche machines store billions of periodical records from month to month and year to year, going back as far as, who knows. But for you, if you’re patient, they hold a goldmine of information and can serve you well.

Have You Done An Ancestry Search Specific For Health Reasons?

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Ancestral Records

The reason doctors commonly ask about family illnesses is because of genetics and the tendency of conditions, illnesses and diseases to repeat themselves in families, being passed down through the generations. We might only be able to recall the last two or three generations. But what you need might be found further down in the 10th or 14th generation of your family or your husband’s or wife’s family if have a husband or wife. For instance you might be looking for information on a condition that your child has. In that case, you’d need to do a pedigree search on both sides of the family. If you plan on using ancestral records make sure you are prepared to do a thorough search keeping these things in mind.

Take a closer look at colleagues and friends. You may have resources nearby that you've overlooked.
Take a closer look at colleagues and friends. You may have resources nearby that you've overlooked. | Source

Private Collections

Do you know any older doctors,scientists or pharmacists that live in your city or town? How about an old teacher or professor from biology, chemistry or physics class? Teachers and professors of any subject commonly hold on to at least their most prized books and literature if not all of them. Track them down if you can. Include them in your search for a cure. You can’t have too much help or too much objective thinking in this venture of yours. You can really never know how these things will turn out. The avenue that you avoided going down or the one person you refrain from contacting could hold a key to you finding what you need.

Prayer: A Powerful Resource

Even though scouring for and discovering cures is a constant and expected challenge for doctors and scientists; finding a cure on your own as a complete novice, layperson or someone with no medical experience at all can be an overwhelming and humbling endeavor. Yet that’s no reason not to proceed. But you need help friend! No matter who you are, we all need help at sometime or another in our lives; whether we want to admit it or not. We were created to need each other. Maybe you’ve never had a reason to pray before or even wanted to. But if you’re reading this far in an article entitled, ”How To Find Your Own Cure”, you are either very curious about what such an article would have to say about finding a cure or you most likely are on a personal search or journey for an answer to an unrelenting health problem for yourself, friend or loved one. You’re looking for help against an abundance of odds perhaps that are stacked against you ever finding a cure. At least the fact that you’re still reading means that you haven’t given up hope. So if you’re serious about finding this cure that you need for yourself or a loved one, ask the One who knows more than us all. Ask God to walk with you and guide you in your search. He created you and knows how to heal and fix you or your loved one. And yes, He can and often does just heal people. Sometimes He answers by giving us or our loved one the longed for peace from the pain and agony by releasing them from this earthly life. He also leads others directly to the cure or remedy that will help them. In any case begin the process. Humbly ask for help, begin your work and leave the rest to God. Don’t be afraid that your search will have been in vain if God chooses to do something you don’t expect. If the motive for your research for a cure was out of love, it will not have be in vain. God doesn’t waste a thing, friend, including a labor of love.

One Last Thing

There’s a funny thing that happens when you begin digging and searching for something, especially information. It will suddenly feel as if the entire world is throwing information at you faster than you can take it in. That’s because you’re looking and searching. That’s the way these things work. As soon as your brain becomes active and fully engaged in looking for whatever it is that you’re looking for, your mind will be open to receive the information that you need and everything else related to it. So expect it, don’t reject it and try not to don’t miss it. Consider each piece of information as it comes, weed out the useless and keep the gold. It’s a gift for the courageous and persistent.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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