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How to Get Fit and Lose Weight in Just 12 Minutes a Month!

Updated on October 21, 2020
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Michael wrote this post to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a good sleep pattern that fits in with your life

High Intensity Training (HIT)

Amazing new research has revealed, that short bursts of exercise or High Intensity Training HIT, lasting just 20 seconds, will have dramatic effects on weight loss and general fitness levels.

That works out to just 12 minutes per month. So the excuse that you have no time, is out of the window.

When using the HIT method. You must work out, at your maximum effort, in order for it to work.

TV documentary maker Dr.Michael Mosley, demonstrates this exercise theory and reveals some surprising health benefits, and fast results using this form of HIT workout.

The documentary covers, how to get fit and lose weight in just 20 seconds, 3 times a day, 3 times a week. Sounds unbelievable but it actually works.

So have you got a spare 12 minutes a month?.

Get on your Bike

Cycling is a great exercise
Cycling is a great exercise | Source

HIT really is possible

Not another weight loss plan?

Usually the TV is background low level noise that I ignore. When I hear these words, weight loss plan, in a sentence. Or how to get fit and lose weight fast.

My brain usually starts playing the steamboat mickey cartoon.

This TV show however got my attention. This is Michael Mosley, a well respected Physician, medical researcher, journalist and all round good egg.

For him to be associated with such an outlandish claim, required that I at least listen for a few minutes. What I heard was flabbergasting.

I can honestly say, my flabber had never been so gasted.

Short bursts of exercise. Michael Mosley the first 20 Seconds

Physical Recreation walking the Desert

Kalahari Desert:
Kalahari Desert

get directions

Sports and Recreation Activities

It struck me, that what they were saying, was perfectly sensible. 10 minute abs, 8 minute abs, lose 10 lbs in a month, all are nonsense to me. I personally have just the one abdomen. Getting fit fast is an oxymoron in my experience. Many years as an amateur boxer taught me that! But this idea made so much sense!

First. Our body design Is over 10,000 years old. Evolution can take thousands of years, to adapt an organism to new circumstances. Our bodies are still basically designed, and geared up to a hunting and gathering lifestyle. Except we no longer live like that.

Our bodies haven't adapted to the constant supply of food. Or the wide variety of food, that is available to most of us. 24/7?

The Ideal Life for Human Bodies still Exists

If we consider the tribal peoples of the rain forests, and the Bushmen of the Kalahari. These two groups still live the way we all used to, not so long ago. They walk for miles every day. With short bursts of exercise (running) when they see a prey item.

They eat what they can catch and gather. They forage and hunt. When they hunt. It is stealthy and by stalking their prey. Only expending fast bursts of energy, to snag their prey, at the last minute.

If they have no snares, bow and arrows or poison darts. Then chasing down food, is an option. Humans generally are very good runners, both in sprint and long distance. Both speeds may be needed in hunting prey. What is immediately noticeable about both these tribal groups is that. 'None one of them, has an once of surplus fat on them'? They have their nutrition and fitness figured out.

Leave the car at home walk the kids to school

Most people in the UK live withing walking distance of their child's school. What are you teaching your child?
Most people in the UK live withing walking distance of their child's school. What are you teaching your child? | Source

Take time to smell the flowers


Copy our Tribal Cousins?

If we want to know how to get fit and lose weight, we should maybe follow our bodies blueprint for survival. Nutrition and fitness go together like peas and carrots. Copy our tribal cousins, and start to live, more attuned to our bodies needs. Would we be leading a more 'human life'? Probably not!

Problem is, if we start hunting for game where we live. We may find ourselves banged up quick time by the police. Our explanation, that we are deriving the great health benefits of exercise, by getting back to basic's, may not be appreciated.

The Freegan Movement

In many cities now, foraging is quite common, with the bin hunters. Or 'Freegans' These people hunt down supermarket and restaurant bins. At the end of the each working day, food that has reached its sell by date, and has been thrown in the bin. Is now Free!

The Freegans liberate this food from the bins. This food is still perfectly edible.

Many Freegans swear they haven't bought food in years and are living in the cities for free. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they may have a point. The bins are not dirty, and the foodstuff is bagged up.

Back to reality for the rest of us.

Michael Mosley more exercise

Walking is also a good exercise


The Daily Question

So what do you want for dinner? A rabbit, okay I'll just go and catch one.

How long does it take to catch a rabbit, without a snare and forget the stalking. Running after a rabbit at full pelt. About 20 seconds, If you are a good hunter and runner.

How often would you do this for a family of 4. Maybe 3 times a day. So short bursts of exercise, of high energy output, to catch dinner for the day. Makes perfect sense.

Dog Walking Good Exercise

The dog will enjoy it too
The dog will enjoy it too | Source

Get Fit Now

If you have spent fruitless hours in the gym.

Pounding that treadmill, in the forlorn hope of getting healthy, and shedding those extra few pounds, that may have crept on by stealth.

Then this may be for you.

Maybe you have been doing the wrong type of exercise.

This new method may help you shift those extra pounds.

Horseriding is Good

Great exercise for the Horse
Great exercise for the Horse | Source

The Exercise Business

This new research would seem to be bad news for the exercise business.

Exercise is very big business indeed. To open a gym in the past, just meant getting a hall, a few dumbbells and mats, and off you went. Today, the exercise business involves high finance, and multinational companies. Virgin Active, LA Fitness and Gold-gym to name but a few.

They will not want to hear this, you would think?. Again there is more to this than just 20 second bursts of exercise and a fast work out.

The research also indicates that 1,000 people, were followed for 4 years, and all were regularly exercising at a variety of gyms.

When the data was analyzed, it showed that 20 percent of these people had no beneficial effects whatsoever. What does this tell us.

There is also a genetic component, to how our bodies respond to exercise.

I am not suggesting that you give up the gym, far from it. It may really be doing you some good. But. What if you fit into this 20% category, where no amount of gym work is going to shift that fat?

Then maybe you could try these 20 second bursts of exercise, and it may just work, where steady continuous exercise has failed.

This research showed that this fast exercise burned deep body fat. This is the fat that causes so many problems.

Good luck, hope this inspires you to give it a go. Now you know how to get fit and lose weight. and the fact that it is not going to take you all day, and that you just need 20 second bursts of exercise.. Why not give it a go.

Always check with your doctor before undertaking any rigorous exercise. This is not meant as medical advice.

Burst Exercise

Do You Think This Would Work?

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