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How To Get Rid Of Bunions

Updated on November 27, 2011

How To Get Rid Of Bunions

Bunions are a painful condition, usually genetic in nature. The bunion itself is usually only a symptom - a hard lump, covered in irritated skin, and sometimes with a pain deep inside. This is usually accompanied by a notable deformation of the large toe. This deformation takes the shape of a shift towards the other toes; sometimes over, sometimes under them. The shift can also be less pronounced - it can simply be a reduction in the gap between the large toe and the second toe.

When this happens, the fine bones in the foot (the metatarsals) are forced to realign into a new position, and push out sideways from the foot. A bunion usually happens on the side of the big toe, but can also happen on the other side.

This article will discuss contributing factors, and will explain how to get rid of bunions. Be aware that it is usually a good idea to see a medical professional in any case, as bunions indicate bone problems (they are classified as a bone deformity), and should not be taken lightly.


Contributing Factors

There is some evidence to suggest that bunions are genetic, and run in families. If you suspect they run in yours, make sure to inform your family doctor, and see if there aren't any preventative measures you can take.

There is also evidence to show that they are either brought on or significantly worsened by wearing ill-fitting shoes. Shoes often push the toes together, which can lead to a shift of the metatarsals, and consequently to bunions.


Bunions usually require only fairly simple, non-invasive treatment. Painkillers can be taken at any time to help with the correction. The treatment options (excluding surgery) can broadly be divided into:

Modifying Your Shoes

As shoes play a key role in the formation of bunions, a good way to get rid of them is simply to change shoes, and to avoid wearing the ones that caused the bunions in the first place. Try to go for shoes with more room at the front, which allow the toes room to move. This is recommended in any case, as you will only experience pain if you continue in your current shoes.


There are a whole range of orthotics available for bunions. The top three seem to be:

Insoles - simple insoles meant to support your foot and return your bones to their normal shape.

Toe Spacers - usually made out of gel, these are used to gently move the big toe back to its original position.

Bunion Pads - also made of gel, and meant to protect the bunion and gently pull the toe back into position.


If your symptoms are very strong, or if the treatments outlined above have had no effect, surgery is a possibility. Usually this is a mild procedure performed with local anesthetic, and involves the straightening of the bones of the toe, and the possible removal of any bony protrusions you might have in the area. The success rate is quite high, and there are usually few side effects. The type of surgery performed, however, will depend on your age and general state of health, as well as your activity level and lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Bunions are quite a painful condition, but treatment is usually not difficult nor expensive. It is possible to catch bunions early - if you think you have a tendency to form them, make sure to pay attention to your feet and your footwear, and correct the latter as necessary.


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