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How To Cure Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally And Fast

Updated on November 13, 2015

Eyes are the mirror of your personality. It tells what you are externally and what from the inside. However, dark circle it spoil the overall look of a beautiful face., Dark circle are the black spot that start appearing around eyes after some age. When you go out, it feels bad but what can you do. In this hub, I will tell about the most important reasons of appearing dark circle and some tested natural home remedies to cure it.

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Why Does Dark Circles Appear Around Eyes?

1.Not Taking Enough Sleep-The leading reason of appearing dark circle eyes is that you are not taking enough sleep. Normally we see in students or young people’s life that they do late night study and takes less sleep.

2.Not Taking Balanced Diet-Other reason is that you are not taking the good and balanced diet. It may be that because of your hectic schedule that you are not taking good diet.

3.Harmful Chemicals-Due to this polluting age, you are getting harmful chemicals on your face like lead, carbon monoxide. These chemicals enter deep into your face and make dark spot around a face. The dark circle also develops because lack of vitamin k.

4.Hereditary-Any body in your family had this problem, then it pass up to you also. It is common in other diseases like cancer. So it should also be taken in consideration.

5.Age Factor-As the age progresses, the muscle around the eyes begin to weak. The blood circulation also takes place slowly. Your immune system also becomes weak.Hence, it results in dark circle under eyes.

8 Ways To Cure Dark Circles Under Eyes In 7 days

Dark circle can be cured with natural remedies in 7 days. Another artificial way like using concealer or other makeup item can remove it in few minutes, but it damages your sensitive skin around eyes. So for your health Benefit adopt only herbal remedy.

1. Take good and deep sleep-Because of anxiety and worries , we can’t able to sleep. But during sleep leave all worries aside, take a deep breath 2-3 times and sleep. As you are a student, study is also important. Try to sleep early and get up on 4 or 5 clock, this way, you will able to study better. If you are working, take some time off from your busy schedule to take full rest.


2. Don’t keep makeup around your eyes and face-

While sleeping in night. Before sleeping wash face thoroughly and remove the make-up. After washing, you can wipe face and area around your eyes with rose water and cotton.

3.Daily take tomato in empty stomach.

Tomato is good for your face. It makes your skin glowing red, circles under eyes very light. It contains the vitamin C and A in good quantity. These vitamins increase the blood circulation under eyes and remove dark spots


4. Exercise daily.

Run daily for some distance, as it involves the overall movement of the body. With both your hands, slowly slap around your eyes. It will increase blood flow around your eyes. With an increase in blood flow, all intoxicants will eventually come out from your body.


5. Take vitamin k rich fruit like green vegetable spinach, broccoli.Apply vitamin k rich herbal cream under eyes. Take balanced diet including wheat, rice, cereals and fruits. Take your diet at a definite time in the morning, noon and night. By taking your meal at a definite time, you will automatically have good hunger and good digestion power.


6.Mint or Pudina and Almond has a good property to clear deeply the dark spot around eyes. For using mint, take the fresh green mint, make a paste of it and apply direct on the affected area. Other than that massage gently with almond oil.

Almond oil has vitamin E and anti-inflammatory property that removes the dark circles and improves the blood flow around eyes.It's moisturizing property makes skin smooth and clear.Apply almond oil on dark circles and massage gently.You will get best result only n few days.


7.We use coconut oil in our hair, for cooking. Apply in your dark circle. Massage the dark circle with oil, this will increase the blood flow around eyes and reduces the dark circles

8.Sandalwood-Sandalwood is natural remedies for dark circle.In India and other countries,people are using it from long time.For a removing dark circle, just make a paste of it with water and apply on your whole face including under eyes.Sandalwood paste naturally lightens dark circles and eventually removes it.


Many women use this tips and it is quite effective.Keep two spoon for cooling in refrigerator and apply it around eyes.Let it remain it for some time.Use it for 3-4 times in a day.It can cure the dark fast.

See In this Video How To Remove Dark Circle

Fastest Way To Remove Dark Circle

1.Use some dark circle remover cream. There are many creams in the market that lighten it

2.Use some concealer. They are the best if you instantly want to remove it. Choose concealer that matches to your skin.

3.If it is not going even after using all remedies , you can remove it by surgery.

4.Nowadays laser treatment is used in eye disorder and some skin problem also. Laser treatment can be used to remove the dark circle permanently.

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In Summary

These are some natural tips to remove the dark circle from under your face.These remedies are tested by many users around the world.So you can adopt it as such.Another reason is that these tips are natural without side effect.


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